A 1940s Dress and Hotter Flare Sandals #OOTD
It can be tricky to find practical shoes to go with vintage dresses. For me comfort is a huge priority. I’m a busy mum and I do a lot of walking. A lot of my… View Post

Happy in Horrockses – Original Vintage OOTD
As an avid collector of original vintage, there are certain brands that get my heart all aflutter. One of these would have to be Horrockses. The brand made beautiful cotton dresses in the 40s and… View Post

Instagram Outfits
One of my favourite things about blogging, is sharing my outfits with you. Putting them together, getting dressed up and choosing my favourite pictures is so much fun. I’m not sure my trusty photographers Rob… View Post

Vintage Intentions for the New Year
I can’t quite believe the new year is here! Having not really done anything to celebrate the beginning of a new year, last night kind of passed me by. I haven’t really thought about any… View Post

I Won A Cosmo Blog Award!!!!
I am a very very happy lady at the moment! On Thursday I attended the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards feeling a little amazed that I was there at all. When I made it to the shortlist… View Post

Embracing the Seventies for Autumn
When I first started blogging about vintage fashion, I certainly wasn’t stuck in any particular era. I just loved everything about vintage fashion. From hunting out amazing bargains to the social stories the clothes themselves… View Post

I’ve Been Shortlisted for the Cosmo Blog Awards!
This post comes from an extremely happy me. A few weeks ago nominations opened for the Cosmo Blog Awards, being a reasonably small blog I didn’t think I stood a chance of being shortlisted. So… View Post

Amazing Deadstock Vintage Accessories
I’m really enjoying my recent return to being a vintage dealer. After a few years off, concentrating on the kids and the blog returning to the world of selling has reminded me why I love… View Post

25 Facts About Me
I’m back from a few fabulous days away from the blog. My kids have been away with Grandparents for a few days and my husband took a few days off work so we’ve been busy… View Post

My Year In Vintage Part Two
Yesterday I shared the first part of My Year in Vintage, today is the second instalment. I had to leave out so many pictures that I wanted to include. It was great looking back at… View Post