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My Year In Vintage Part Two

December 30, 2013

Yesterday I shared the first part of My Year in Vintage, today is the second instalment. I had to leave out so many pictures that I wanted to include. It was great looking back at the last year and finding pictures I had forgotten all about, and remembering lot’s of fun things. Looking forward to next year I can’t wait to go to loads more vintage events and wear my vintage clothes even more than I did in 2013. I’m also looking forward to meeting lot’s more lovely people and discovering many more vintage treasures tucked away at car boot sales.

I could have fitted in a third post but I think you’ve probably seen enough of me for now! But I’m going to make a positive effort to post a lot more about vintage fashion next year – after all this is a vintage blog!

Here is a very brief description of each photo above…

Row One

1. The 1940s bracelet I bought from bakelite man and a copy of Astor Place Vintage, 2. A 1940s dress I fell in love with in a shop in East London, sadly it was too damaged to save, 3. A 1950s dress, which is awaiting a clean, but will be worn a lot next summer, 4. Me in a Lindy Bop vintage style dress on Brighton Pier, 5. A beautiful Balmain dress at the V&A.

Row Two

1. A vintage suit at the V&A, 2. Me at the Classic Car Boot Sale – by far the best event I went to all year, 3. One of the two dresses I bought at the Classic Car Boot Sale, 4. A haul of 40’s and 50’s copies of Heiress Magazine which I picked up at Wimbledon car boot sale, 5. A cotton 1950s dress at Claremont Landscape Garden.

Row Three

1. Wearing a 1950s dress I bought on Ebay in Soho Square, 2. A stash of vintage that I forgot was in my loft! 3. A set of 1940s jewellery I picked up at a car boot sale, 4. A 50s prom dress which was £4 at a car boot sale, amazing bargain which i have now sold on. 5. Posing in a 1940s crepe dress – I superimposed the final picture onto a vintage railway station picture trying to recreate a classic film, I was channelling Brief Encounter!

Row Four

1. Me at the launch of Tatyanna a new vintage style clothing website, I met Fleur and Bethan of the Vintage Mafia who were both lovely ladies. 2. My precious early 1940s Jacqmar valentines scarf. This had been hiding in the loft with a bag of other vintage scarfs and I couldn’t believe I had had it for years without realising what it was. 3. A red vintage dress from The East End Thrift Store – a bargain for £5. 4. Wearing another Lindy Bop dress on Wimbledon Common, along with a 1950s handbag. 5. The ultimate 80s jumper which I picked up for £1 at a car boot sale.

Row Five

1. An attempt and vintage curls (I’ll get there one day!) 2. Two car boot purchases the first was £1.50 and is just an eighties dress. The second was £4 and only when I got home, did I notice the Horrockses label. So by accident I managed to buy a 1950s Horrockses evening dress for just £4!!! Yes this is the stuff that car boot dreams are made of! 3. A sixties style beehive and a 60s dress along with a headscarf from Mizpah Designs. 4. An early sixties dress which I wore to a vintage fair. 5. A 1960s dress which I wore for my birthday afternoon tea.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my year in vintage, it’s been really fun looking back. If you’d like to do a year in vintage post too please send me a link as I’d love to see.

Here’s to a very vintage 2014. xxx

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