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At Home on Sunday – A Search for Vintage Tumblers

September 23, 2012

Today I was hoping to bring you a post featuring all my Fabulous car boot finds. I had written a massive list of all the things I wanted to pick up and had planned visits to at least 3 different car boot sales. But sadly 2 of them were cancelled due to the fine British weather and the one that was brave enough to run despite the rain had hardly any sellers.

Mt only thrifty fix for the day was a quick visit to a couple of charity shops where I bought a small vintage sideboard, a dress and a large glass jar so the day wasn’t a total thrift fail.

One thing that I was particularly on the lookout for was some vintage tumblers, I had tumbler envy after seeing these beauties on the Sew a Little Love blog. As the rain dampened my tumbler chances I decided to have a look at some online lovelies. Here are a few of my faves…

 Vintage Tumblers £14.99 from A Pretty Penny Available here

1950s Lemonade Set £45 from A Pretty Penny Available here

1950s Floral Tumblers from Ebay £24.99 Available here

But what I really want is Flamingo ones! And this is the closest thing i could find…

Flamingo Tumblers $59.99 from Ebay Available here

There are absolutely loads of amazing designs out there and if you looking for a nice vintage touch without breaking the bank then 1950s tumblers are a great way to go. I’m just hoping that the sun will be out next weekend and I can get to some car boot sales before the season ends! Keep everything crossed for me and I’m desperate to get the house finished before christmas!

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