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Biba and Beyond Part Two

January 10, 2013

Biba and Beyond Flyer

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the Biba and Beyond Exhibition at Brighton Museum, you can see the first part of the post here. This post is more about what Barbra Hulanicki went on to do after leaving Biba, it’s the ‘beyond’ part of Biba and Beyond!


Barbara Hulanicki

After leaving Biba, Barbara Hulanicki went on to design for other labels such as Fiorucci and Cacharel and designed childrenswear which was sold in Japan.

She has since gone on to design her own clothing and make-up ranges and worked as a fashion photographer through the 1980s. She returned to fashion illustration briefly to draw Sarah Ferguson’s wedding dress for newspaper publication. During the 1980s she also published her autobiography From A to Biba.

Biba and Beyond

Barbara Hulanicki’s Make-up range

152Barbara Hulanicki Clothing

In 1987 she moved to Miami and began a career as an interior and exterior designer. She worked on many high-profile job’s including one for ex Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood. She was also responsible for he vamping the Art Deco district of Miami Beach. She created several bars and restaraunts, and then went onto even more high-profile clients like hotels and celebrities. She has also won awards for her work.

Barbara’s whole life has been a string of successful ventures and despite th demise of Biba, she has continued to spread her design genius.

She has in recent years had some excitong collaboration on the high street including a wallpaper range available from Next, a clothing line with George and interior lines for Habitat and TK Maxx.

Here are a fe more pictures that I took at the Biba and Beyond Exhibition in Brighton…

Biba and Beyond

Biba and Beyond

Biba and Beyond

Biba and Beyond

Biba and Beyond

You can find out more about the Biba and Beyond exhibition here

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