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Recipe – Lemon and Poppy Seed Cookies

September 16, 2014

Lemon, Poppyseed, Cookies, Biscuits, Recipes, Baking

I absolutely love anything lemon flavoured, even when I was little I used to pick the lemons out of my parents drinks and munch them peel and all. Lemons are definitely one of my favourite baking ingredients. However I have never tried making lemon flavoured biscuits.

Today I gave them a go and I’m really happy with the results. I used a basic biscuit dough with a little added zest and some poppy seeds which always go really well with lemon. If you want a really quick and easy bake then these are absolutely perfect. If you really feel like spoiling yourself why not spread a little lemon curd over the top for extra lemoniness!

Ingredients, Recipe, Lemon, Poppyseed, Cookies


200g Plain Flour

120g Butter

80g Caster Sugar

Zest of 1 lemon

A Scoop of Poppy Seeds


How to Make:

Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees.

Sift the flower into a mixing bowl and stir in the lemon zest.

Lemon, Poppyseed, Cookies, Biscuits, Recipe

Add the butter and rub it into the mixture using your hands.

Lemon, Poppyseed, Cookies, Biscuits, Recipe

Add the caster sugar and poppy seeds and work the mix until it forms a firm dough.

Lemon, Poppyseed, Cookies, Biscuits, Recipe

Roll the dough out until it is about 3mm thick.

Lemon, Poppyseed, Cookies, Biscuits, Recipe

Use a cutter to cut the biscuits then place on a greased baking tray.

Lemon, Poppyseed, Cookies, Biscuits, Recipe

Bake in the oven for 8 minutes until they go slightly golden.

Place on a wire rack to cool.

Lemon, Poppyseed, Cookies, Biscuits, Recipe

Have a cup of tea and enjoy!

Lemon, Poppyseed, Cookies, Biscuits, Recipe

I hope you like this recipe, if you give it a try please let me know!

  • Reply
    Jessica Cangiano
    September 17, 2014 at 6:26 pm

    Yum!!! Why can’t we 3D print food yet? 🙂 I love lemon poppy seed anything – growing up that was one of my top three favourite muffins and still ranks highly.

    ♥ Jessica

  • Reply
    Claire Hurd
    June 20, 2015 at 7:12 am

    Just because I’m awkward – how much is a scoop please?

    • Reply
      June 20, 2015 at 9:16 am

      I usually put quite a lot in maybe a tablespoon and a half. But it’s really a matter of taste as I like lots of poppy seeds!

      • Claire Hurd
        June 21, 2015 at 4:07 pm

        Lovely – thank you for letting me know. I made a WW2 recipe batch of Ginger Honey Buns for our church Fete yesterday and they got hoovered! Your vintage inspired baking inspired me 🙂

      • vintagefrills
        June 21, 2015 at 4:25 pm

        That’s brilliant! I have a lot more recipes to put on soon, just got to photograph things before the whole family eats them!

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