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Exuviance Purifying Clay Masque Review

April 17, 2015

For those of you who like beauty related posts on the blog, you’re in for a treat as I have loads of skincare and make-up related stuff coming up in the next few weeks. I’m forever trying lovely new products and definitely don’t include that side of things on here enough! I also think spring is a great time to shake up your skincare routine and have a little skin spring clean!

Exuviance Purifying Clay Masque Review

Tonight I’m reviewing a product that I’ve been using and enjoying for a couple of weeks now. I was gifted an Exuviance Purifying Clay Masque at Bloggers Fashion Week and being a big user of masks I couldn’t wait to try it. I’ve been using it about twice a week and my skin is feeling very happy and healthy.

I’ve always been very lucky to have quite clear skin and to keep it that way I always try to cleanse, tone and moisturise everyday and eat lots of fruit and veg. I do however never get enough sleep. People often ask me how I manage to be a full-time mum, write my blog, read lot’s of books and forever be out thrifting. The answer lies in staying up far too late in order to juggle everything. So when I’m extra tired and my skin needs a little boost I like to have a little pamper in the form of a lovely bubble bath and face mask.


This is a high-end product that is mostly available in spas, and is an at home and professional product. All their products are clinically proven and developed by dermatologists. The mask is full of fabulous skin saviour ingredients including vitamins A, C and E as well as papaya and honey extracts. It also contains Bentonite and Kaolin to absorb toxins and oil and refine pores.

Exuviance Skincare Review

I love the simple spa style packaging of the product which comes in a boxed 50ml tube. A little goes a long way with this one, so there is enough for plenty of applications in each one. There are clear instructions which advise applying the product to dry skin and allowing it to dry for 5-10 minutes.

Exuviance Clay Mask

The product is easy to apply and sits smoothly on the skin. After a minute or two you can really feel the mask tingling and getting to work and as it dries you can really feel it cleaning out your pores. I leave it on for the full ten minutes and then remove it with a muslin cloth and warm water.

Exuviance Clay Review

After use my skin feels really clean and smooth without being dried out, my skin looked really fresh and glowy and I was really happy with the results. Overall I was really impressed with the mask and would definitely like to try some of the other products from the range. Although it is quite expensive I like it as a little luxury and it really does work, so for that I would definitely recommended it.

The Purifying Clay Masque retails at £33

Find out more about Exuviance products on their website. 

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