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Dot Com Gift Shop Press Day and Christmas Preview

August 15, 2015

Dot Com Gift Shop Press Day  Vintage Frills

Last month on the hottest day of the year, I headed to London to one of my favourite press days so far. When I arrived at the Dot Com Gift Shop press day I was handed a lovely fan and some water, which was much needed after a very hot journey on the tube. That’s exactly what I love about Dot Com Gift Shop, they have everything covered. Be it a fan on a hot day or a handy handbag poncho for rainy days.

They certainly have a gift for every person and every occasion I can think of and as I looked at all their lovely stock I kept spotting gifts that I would love to give to people I know. Personally I’m always on the look out for things for my little girls and there was plenty that I know they would absolutely love.

Retro Pencil Sets Kids Stocking Fillers Dot Com Gift Shop  Vintage FrillsThere are lots of different themes and ranges, so sweet little stocking fillers like these pencils can be chosen in a colour and pattern to suit different personalities. These would also be perfect for kids party bags. I plan to get a couple to keep in my bag for train journeys and holidays.

Vintage Style Lunch Boxes Dot Com Gift Shop  Vintage Frills

I also loved all their cute little lunch boxes and water bottles. The vintage inspired designs really appeal to me and I like the thought of the girls having something a bit different. If you don’t have little ones these would also be cute and kitsch for taking your grown up lunch into work.

Dot Com Gift Shop British Wildlife Range  Vintage FrillsFor lunches at home, this lovely British wildlife themed range is also really lovely. I have both hedgehogs and foxes coming my garden so the girls would love these too.

Wooden Toys Dot Com Gift Shop  Vintage Frills

Tin Can Alley Game Dot Com Gift Shop  Vintage Frills

Traditional Wooden Toys Dot Com Gift Shop  Vintage Frills

The range of traditional and wooden toys is amazing. They all remind me of the toys that my grandma had kept from when my dad was growing up, so they make me feel hugely nostalgic for when I was a little girl who loved playing with them. In a world of plastic toys and gadgets, stepping back to something more simple is absolutely lovely. My favourite would have to be the tin can alley game as it would look amazing in a vintage inspired nursery or bedroom.

Children's Gifts Dot Com Gift Shop  Vintage Frills

Bluebird Cushion and Kitchenware Dot Com Gift Shop  Vintage Frills

Retro Floral Tableware Dot Com Gift Shop  Vintage FrillsAnother highlight for me was the pretty kitchen and glassware, especially the retro flower and apple designs. They remind me of both original 60s designs and also Orla Kiely prints. I have my eye on the glasses and tins especially.

Vintage Perfume Bottles  Mini Milkbottles  Glass Baubles  Dot Com Gift Shop  Vintage FrillsI love glass items for my home and the lovely vintage style perfume bottles would look really lovely in a bathroom or dressing table. The cute little school milk bottles could be used for flowers or for a party with cocktails for adults or little milkshakes for a kids party. Party, Paper Straws and Cake Cases Dot Com Gift Shop  Vintage Frills

As an avid baker I always try to pick up pretty cake cases whenever I see them, at Dot Com Gift Shop not only do they have a great range of baking accessories but also lots of party decorations to match. They even have invitations, so if you have a party to organise it’s a great one stop shop.

Christmas Decorations Dot Com Gift Shop  Vintage Frills

And of course Christmas is covered, with lots of gorgeous decorations for the home as well as crackers and gift wrap, so while you’re finding that perfect present or stocking filler, you can pick up the rest of your Christmas shopping too!

Gifts for Everyone Dot Com Gift Shop  Vintage Frills

There was so much amazing stuff there, that I couldn’t capture everything. I’d definitely recommend taking a look through the Dot Com Gift Shop website to find that perfect gift for someone you love or even just to get something nice for yourself or your home.

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    Alice ( Thrifted Treasure)
    August 15, 2015 at 10:22 am

    I LOVE Dotcomgiftshop! I’ve ordered off them a couple of times and they have really reasonable delivery rates to Ireland 🙂 I see a few things in there that I NEED for my kitchen, especially that flour sifter! Thanks for sharing!

  • Reply
    Jessica Cangiano
    August 17, 2015 at 7:45 am

    As someone who has lusted over their fabulous offerings for many years now (as of the last time I checked earlier this year, they still don’t ship to North America), this would be a dream blogger invite event for me. How cool that you got to see it in person. All of the vintage-y pieces are making me go weak in the knees! 🙂

    ♥ Jessica

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