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Benefit Totally B.Right Skincare Review

March 30, 2016

When it comes to beauty products I’m definitely a skin care girl. Taking care of my skin is one of the little bits of pampering I always try to make time for as a busy mum and I absolutely love trying new products. My first taste of Benefit skin care, was a bout a year ago when I started using the It’s Potent eye cream which is an absolutely amazing product. I really wanted to try more from their skincare range so I recently bought a gift set containing mini versions of their full range. I decided to write review as I’ve been absolutely delighted by all the products I’ve tried and I’m definitely ready to start investing in the full sized versions when I bank balance allows!

Benefit Totally Bright Gift Set ReviewThe set contains a great selection of products for all skincare needs, from moisturiser to sunscreen everything is covered. I’ve been using all the products every day and they’ve worked really well with my skin. I’ve never really had any problems with my skin which is generally quite clear. However I’ve recently turned 30 and have found that my skin needs a little extra tlc as I’ve got a bit older and these products have really helped.

Benefit Skincare ReviewOne of the things that really attracted me to the products was the gorgeous packaging. Although I try not to let it affect my decisions, this packaging looks absolutely gorgeous and would look fab on a vintage dressing table. I especially like the glass bottles which look really traditional. The full-sized products have even prettier packaging and have a fun tiki feel to them.

Benefit Skincare Range ReviewThe sample size bottles are quite small, but as with most high-end products a little goes a long way. I’ve found that everything has lasted really well and with everyday use this has been over a months supply, which is actually really good value for money. I’ve used most of the products together and they’ve been a great base for full make-up looks.

Foamingly Clean Facial Wash

Benefit Foamingly Clean Facial Wash ReviewThe first product I used is the Foamingly Clean face wash. This is a surprisingly thick and creamy formula and not at all like some of the more drying ones I’ve used before. I’d say this is a bit more like a hot cloth cleanser than a face wash, as it spread quick thickly over the skin and is relatively moisturising. I use this after removing all my make-up to get my skin completely clean. I’ve found this one really gentle and kind to my skin and it works really well with my cleansing brush.

Instant Comeback Facial Serum

Benefit Instant Comeback Facial Serum reviewThe Instant Comeback facial serum can be applied right after cleansing. This lovely serum is a great anti agin product which helps protect against visible signs of ageing. I’ve found that this really helps to plump out my skin and make it feel smoother before applying my other skin care products. The formula is really quick drying, so I don’t have to wait ages to move on to the next stage.

Triple Performing Facial Emulsion

Benefit Triple Performance Facial Emulsion Review

The Triple Performing facial emulsion is a great all round oil free lotion. It contains SPF, so it’s a great product to use in the summer. I’ve been using this under the moisturiser to give my skin an extra boost and it’s worked really well. It contains plant extracts, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E to provide extra moisture. Even with the cold weather and having the heating on my skin has not dried out at all, so I’m really happy with the results.

It’s Potent Eye Cream

Benefit It's Potent Eye CreamThe It’s Potent Eye Cream is definitely one of my all-time favourites. My eyes really suffer as a result of always staying up late and getting up early with the kids, so they need all the help they can get! It contains great ingredients to help keep the skin elasticity in tip-top shape and also to fade dark circles. It would take a miracle to make my dark circles disappear, but this cream definitely helps. The cream also feels really nice on the skin and even makes me feel a bit more awake and perky in the morning. If you’re looking for a really good all round eye cream, I couldn’t recommend this one enough.

Total Moisture Facial Cream

Benefit Total Moisture ReviewWhen it comes to moisturisers, I have quite a few that I really like. I’m definitely not loyal to any one product. The thing I particularly like about the Total Moisture facial cream is that it has a reasonable thick formal. It’s a great in between if you like a heavy moisturiser that absorbs quite quickly. I use Nivea Creme at night and usually use Botanics moisturiser by day. This has a consistency half way between the two. It certainly works really well on my skin, keeping it soft and supple all day.

Dream Screen:

Benefit Dream Screen ReviewThe last product is Dream Screen, which due to the time of year I’ve not actually used yet. I’m looking forward to trying this one when the weather gets nicer. I’m impressed at how high the SPF is. At SPF 45 this would be a good one to pack for a holiday. I take protecting my skin from the sun quite seriously, so this will definitely get a lot of use this summer.

The Totally B.Right gift set is currently available at Boots for just £18. 

Have you tried any of Benefit’s skincare products? What would you recommend?

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    March 31, 2016 at 4:03 pm

    These all look awesome – I have wanted to try the serum for a while so will definitely give it a try now xx

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