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My Vintage Collection – Embroidered Brooches

November 3, 2016

Over my years as a vintage seller and collector, I’ve built up collections of lots of different things. We all know about my Enid Collins bag habit, and some of you may have seen my aprons and kitchenalia collections. Some of my collections have come and gone, I don’t like to keep things that I don’t use and I like to only have as many belongings as I can store.

embroidered-brooch-collectionI thought I’d share a few of my collections on here with you, starting with my embroidered brooches. Some of my collection is stored away at the moment, but I still have plenty in my normal jewellery storage, which I don’t wear nearly as often as I should but I do like to enjoy.

vintage-embroidered-broochesI first started collecting them back in 2009, when I was regularly selling at vintage fairs. I’d pick one up whenever I spotted one, I was also collecting painted porcelain brooches at the time too.

vintage-floral-embroidered-brooches-2I recently started collecting again and my small collection has really started to grow recently. I really like that no two pieces are the same. The idea that someone sat and carefully stitched them is so lovely as well.

vintage-floral-embroidered-broochesI also like spotting designs that are very similar and were probably made from the same kit or pattern. I love how one set of stitches are neater than another.

vintage-embroidered-brooches-purple-flowersMy collection has come from mixture of vintage fairs, car boot sales and Facebook selling pages. None of them was particularly expensive and I think the most I’ve ever paid was £12, so they’re a really affordable vintage item to collect.

vintage-embroidered-picture-broochesAlthough the majority of the embroidered brooches I see are floral designs, its always nice to find something more unusual or quirky. I’ve seen the above willow pattern a few times, but the cute little horse is unusual.

vintage-embroidered-brooches-birds-and-rosesAlthough it isn’t embroidered the little painted bird pictured above is one of my favourite brooches and looks like it belongs in this collection, so I always keep them together. I also love my two petit point rose brooches, the teeny tiny stitches are amazing.

vintage-tapestry-embroidered-broochesI don’t know much about the background or history of these and although I like to do research on all my vintage things, I’ve never got very far with these. So of you know anything about them or have any references, please let me know.

Since I took the pictures for this post, I’ve picked up a few more embroidered brooches, so look out for an updated collection post very soon.

What vintage things do you collect?

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