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Blogging Tips: Tools of the Trade – Useful Blogging Equipment

September 10, 2017

It’s time for the next instalment of my Blogging Tips series. This time I’m talking about blogging equipment and the tools I use to do my job.

Really all you need when you start out blogging is something to write your posts on and something to take pictures on. When I started out out I had an old laptop and a camera phone. As time went on I have definitely gained a fair amount more blogging equipment. This post is all about the things I use, you by no means need all of it, these are just a few things that help me create my content.

Blogging Tips - Useful Blogging EquipmentLaptop – I use a MacBook Pro to write on, I love how portable it is and lots of my work happens while I’m on the go. I am one of those people who can be spotted in a coffee shop typing away! A lap top really is the most essential bit of blogging equipment.

Camera – My main camera for blogging is a Nikon 5200, this fab SLR is perfect for blog photography. I have a selection of difference lenses that I use for different types of photos.

Camera Remote – A really useful tool, if you’re going to be taking pictures of yourself. A self timer remote, takes the stress out of taking your own pictures.

Blogging Tips - Useful Blogging EquipmentPhone – I have an iPhone 7. Since getting this phone, I’ve taken a lot more blog photos on it as the camera is amazing. Most of my Week in Pictures posts are now taken using my iPhone rather than my big camera. I’m loving the extra space in my bag!

Notebooks – I am forever buying pretty new notebooks and filling them with to do lists and ideas. Blogging may be an online things, but good stationary is a big part of what we do.

Chargers – When you’re constantly taking pictures or checking social media, a portable charger is essential. I  never go anywhere without one. Check out the Tylt charger for an easy solution.

A big bag – I’d love to travel around with a tiny bag, but as I always have notebooks, cameras and chargers in tow, a big bag is a blogging essential.

Lighting – Good lighting is so important for taking good blog photos, I try to use natural daylight, but I also have a pair or soft box lights to help.

Blogging Tips - Useful Blogging EquipmentProps – I’m always on the lookout for new probs for my photographs. I pick up little treasures at charity shops and car boots to include in my photos. I also have a big selections of backgrounds. My favourite photo prop is definitely a bunch of fresh flowers though.

This post has kindly been sponsored by Tylt. They have a fantastic range of charging solutions, perfect for bloggers and those who work on the go. Their range includes power cases, portable chargers and wireless chargers.

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