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Teas I’m Loving Right Now – Part One

February 12, 2018

I love reading people monthly favourites on their blogs. This year I thought it would be fun to do regular favourites posts. I’ve already talked about my favourite cups and mugs and I’m planning a beauty post for later in the week. But today I’m sharing some of the teas I’ve enjoyed so far this year.

Favourite Tea I’ve always been a bit of a tea geek, but this year to help my headaches I’ve stopped drinking coffee and I’ve started to only drink caffeinated tea once or twice a day. So more than ever I’ve been open to trying new teas. I’ve also been going for tea bags a lot more, I love the ritual of preparing loose leaf tea, but when you’re in a rush a tea bag is better!

Favourite Tea - Twinings Butter MintMy first tea is Twinings Buttermint. This was recommended to me by Fay and it is absolutely delicious. Its a nice change from a classic mint with a sweet mint and vanilla flavour. I could drink this one all day, but I especially like to take a huge mug of it up to the bath with me for some relaxation time.

Favourite Tea | Pukka Vanilla ChaiNext up is Pukka Vanilla Chai. I adore chai tea, but I’m also very fussy when it comes to the perfect blend. I also usually prefer black tea versions. But for a caffeine free comfort drink, this one is just perfect. I love that this is fairly traded and contains organic vanilla too. As well as the delicious vanilla this one contains cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, fennel and licorice.

Favourite Tea - T2 Gen Mai Cha BanchaI couldn’t do a favourite tea list without including something from T2! I got this box of Gen Man Cha Bancha as a birthday present from my brother and his boyfriend.

Favourite Tea - T2 Gen Mai Cha Bancha

Favourite Tea | Vintage TeacupThis isn’t one I would have usually gone for, but it’s got a lovely refreshing taste and I’ve been really enjoying drinking it. It contains Green tea, roasted rice, popped rice, roasted green tea stalks. This is a great way to enjoy green tea and it’s definitely one I would buy again.

Favourite Tea - Fortnum and Mason Countess GreyMy absolute favourite tea for a few months now, would have to be Countess Grey from Fortnum and Mason. I love so many different Earl Greys and its one of those teas where each one can be so different.

Favourite Tea - Fortnum and Mason Countess Grey“A twist on the traditional bergamot-infused blend, Countess Grey is based on well-twisted orange pekoe teas, lifted by classic bergamot and a light orange flavour. Its light and delicate character makes it ideal for morning or afternoon drinking, when the spirits require a little reviving.” I love to drink this when I need a refreshing tea, it’s absolutely delicious. You also get a lot of tea in the tin, so although it feels expensive it lasts a really long time.

Morrissey TeacupI’m hoping to do a little favourite tea update every month, as I absolutely love writing and photography tea posts. Have you got any teas you could recommend to me?

Favourite Tea

One Teacup from Laura Ashley – Two Tea from T2

Three Tea from Fortnum and Mason – Four Teacup from Salford Lads Club

Five Vintage tea cup from a charity shop – Six Teacup from Laura Ashley

Seven Tea from Pukka – Eight Tea from Twinings

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    February 18, 2018 at 10:53 pm

    I am in LOVE with this post – I adore Buttermint but have had to give it a rest for a little while and have moved on to Liquorice & Peppermint for a bit! Buttermint was recommended to me by one of the bosses at work! I will definitely be going back to it though and may even right a little post for some of my favourites as you keep asking! xx

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