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TEA – Joining the Loose Leaf Tea Revolution!

August 25, 2018

Tea is something most of us drink every single day. I know my day hasn’t really started unless I’ve had a strong cuppa. But just popping a teabag in a cup can be little boring and in recent years I’ve taken my tea drinking to a new and slightly obsessive level! I absolutely love the ritual of brewing a perfect cup of beautiful loose leaf tea.

Joining the Loose Leaf Tea Revolution!I love choosing different varieties and choosing a tea to suit my mood. I have pretty tea cups, pots, infusers, tea makers and everything in between. Thats right I’m a certified tea geek! But if you’re not and you don’t want too many accoutrements then the Pao mug from Whittard is the perfect addition to your tea brewing routine.

Joining the Loose Leaf Tea Revolution! Whittard Pao Infuser MugOnce you’ve mastered the art of loose leaf tea, the possibilities are endless. There are endless flavours and varieties to try. It’s so fun picking a up a new flavour and looking at the beautiful leaves before brewing. I was sent three new caddies recently from Whittard’s lovely summer range. I put my new Pao mug to the test.

Joining the Loose Leaf Tea Revolution! Whittard summer mini caddies. The three new flavours are beautiful refreshing blends: Passionfruit & Mango Green Tea, English Fruits Black Tea and Cherry Blossom green tea. As soon as you open the caddies, the gorgeous smells fill the air. They are absolutely beautiful!

Joining the Loose Leaf Tea Revolution! Whittard Cherry Blossom teaCherry Blossom is a beautiful green tea blend inspired by the Japanese cherry blossom festival known as hanami. It has a base of fresh sencha green tea with flavours of sweet, ripe cherries and a sprinkling of pretty pink rose and peony petals. The cherry smell really come through and the tea itself is beautifully fragrant and refreshing. The caddy itself is so pretty and look gorgeous on my tea shelf.

Joining the Loose Leaf Tea Revolution! Whittard English Fruits tea. English Fruits tea is all about the British summer. It combines classic black tea with gorgeous berries and pays homage to the British tradition of picking berries in the hot summer sun. This lovely blend includes raspberries, apple and flavours of cranberry. This tastes gorgeous hot, but I also really enjoyed drinking it cold as an iced tea.

Joining the Loose Leaf Tea Revolution! Whittard Passion Fruit and Mango teaPassionfruit and Mango is a tropical blend with green tea. The gunpowder green tea is combined with mango, pineapple and flavours of passionfruit as well as a scattering of orange petals. This is a gorgeous fruity tea, full of all the flavours to channel it’s inspiration – a Caribbean barbecue.

Joining the Loose Leaf Tea Revolution! Whittard Pao infuser mugI tried brewing all of these in my Pao mug and it was so quick and easy. just pop the loose leaf tea into the infuser, pour over boiled water and leave to brew for about 3 minutes. Then just remove the infuser and you’re good to go. I’m now using this every morning, to make my first tea of the day a bit more interesting.

Joining the Loose Leaf Tea Revolution! Whittard Pao infuser mugHave you joined the loose leaf revolution or are you new to loose leaf tea? Look out in the next couple of weeks, as I have e beginner guide to tea coming up. In the mean time why not grab a Pao mug and a mini caddy of tea and have a go at brewing your own perfect cuppa.

For more tea, check out the tea section of the blog.

*Thank you to Whittard for sending me the featured products to include on the blog.

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