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My Week In Pictures 29th July – 5th August

August 14, 2018

Oops! I’m predictably behind with my weekly updates already! But better late than never I say! I just wrote a seriously long list of all the posts I need and want to write before the end of August, so hopefully there’ll be a bit more blogging happening this week! But in the meantime, here’s my belated My Week in Pictures post.

Sunday 29th: This was a pretty busy day for us. Rob was working all weekend so it was just me and the girls. First up we took Jessica to her rising lesson. It was the first rainy day in ages, but we weren’t complaining, it was nice to cool down for a bit. We had a look at some farm animals and Lila had a little pony ride.

When we got home I made the girls a leek and bacon frittata, which looked absolutely delicious. I’m vegetarian so I didn’t get to try any but they definitely enjoyed it. Other than that the day was mostly spent packing for our trip to Margate and getting the house tidy before we went.

Monday 30th: Today we arrived in Margate! We did so much while we were there, that I’ll be writing some specific posts on our stay and what to do in Margate, so I won’t clog up this post with everything.

But to summarise – on Monday we… had cupcakes in The Curious Cupcake Cafe, Played on the beach and did some of the rides and activities on the beach, explored the old town, checked into our stunning Air BNB, Went for pizza at GB Pizza, Played on the beach some more, had gelato from Melt, went for a long walk and finally settled for bed! Such a long but very fun day!

Tuesday 31st: In the morning it was straight to Dreamland, where the kids went on loads of rides. I was so impressed with how brave Lila was going on absolutely everything! As well as going on all the rides, she held a snake and a tarantula and spent ages learning to roller skate at the Roller Disco. We spent about 7 hours at Dreamland and had the absolute best day. I’ll be writing all about it soon.

I wore my new lemon print dress from Tu Clothing at Sainsbury’s. I went to so many different branches looking for it. And finally got my hands on it just in time to wear it in Margate.

After that we headed to the beach to spend the rest of the day paddling, making sand castles, eating ice cream and enjoying the most gorgeous sunset. It was such a lovely way to end the day.

Wednesday 1st: Our last day in Margate! In the morning we headed to the visitor centre to pick up a Coastal Explorer pack. You can read all about that in my last blog post. It was so much fun and has given me so many ideas for future visits to the beach.

We then headed to Strokes Adventure Golf, for a really fun round of golf. I’m going to write about this a bit more later in the week, but I don’t think you can visit the British seaside without a round of crazy golf and this one is particularly good. So definitely a must visit, if you’re staying in Margate.

Then it was time for a few more hours on the beach and a dip in the tidal pool, it was time to head back to London. I was very sad to leave Margate and definitely didn’t do everything on my list, but it was great to get home to Rob she I’d really been missing.

Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd: I literally took no photos on either of these days. After a non stop busy start to the week, we spend a couple of days at home relaxing, washing all the sand out of clothes and watching films and playing. I had so many emails to catch up on and life admin to get through that nothing exciting happened at all!

Friday 4th: It was lovely to have a family day at home. Rob finally had a day off work and we spent most of it in the garden. We did a few things from my Summer Holiday Bucket List. We spent ages making a farm in the garden for Lila’s farm animals. We also planted some bean seeds, which although it’s a little late in the season, will hopefully grow so I can make a bean wig wam.

Saturday 5th: We had another day in the garden, we started off by making a mini beach for Lila’s dolls. We just filled a dish with sand and made mini sand castles with some toy buckets. it was really fun.

Then we headed to Garson’s Farm to look at the lovely sunflowers and took some pictures and picked a couple to take home. We also went to the garden centre to buy some herbs and compost.

When we got in we made a lovely wheelbarrow herb garden, which we’re going to have so much fun adding too and picking lovely herbs to cook with. This was such a fun activity to do with Lila and a great way to spend some time outdoors.

I’m planning to do proper posts one a lot of the things we did this week, as soon as I get a moment! I also need to do a post on last week, so please bear with me as keeping the kids busy, the house tidy, the laundry done and everyone happy takes up so much time in the holidays, that theres not much time left to write!

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