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Going on an Adventure with Lila’s Fuzzikins Campervan

September 7, 2018

I write a lot about the things I do with the kids, but toys are obviously a big part of childhood and the girls definitely have a few favourites. I was recently sent a new toy to review. The Fuzzikins Campervan carry case. I particularly liked this one as it’s easy to take out and about and we had a lot of fun mixing our love for being outdoors and playing with fun toys.

The Fuzzikins Campervan is a fold away toy, with a handy handle for transportation. It’s comes with two customisable characters, some pens and a selection of colourable stickers to decorate.

Fuzzikins Campervan ReviewThe stickers and characters are a great way to get kids being creative. Lila really liked this personal touch and being able to make the toy her own.

Fuzzikins Campervan ReviewAs she decorated her imagination went into full flow and she started talking about the toys personalities while she decorated them. She named them Mittens and Whiskers.

Fuzzikins Campervan ReviewOnce she had created our characters and made their camper van a little more homely, the two little kitties were off on their travels to the park.

Fuzzikins Campervan ReviewThe set closes away easily and is nice and light, so little ones can carry it around easily. Lila loved stopping while we walked to wheel it along the ground and again she used her imagination to create a little story about the characters.

Fuzzikins Campervan ReviewWe found little spots around the park to stop the camper van and play little games with the kittens on their travels. It was so much fun and really cute to see Lila so occupied and playing so well.

Fuzzikins Campervan ReviewThe quality of the Fuzzikins Campervan is lovely and it would definitely withstand lots and lots of play both inside and outside.

Fuzzikins Campervan ReviewThis would make a really good gift for girls and boys who love to use their imagination and love to play with little characters. Although this kind of toy is often marketed at girls, there really is no reason that kids of any gender can play with and enjoy it. I like the gender neutral colour scheme.

Fuzzikins Campervan Review Fuzzikins Campervan ReviewFuzzikins Campervan ReviewOnce we had finished playing and exploring, we packed up the camper van and Whiskers and Mittens went back home after a lovely road trip round the park.

Fuzzikins Campervan ReviewThe toy mixes really well with similar toys in our collection and Lila has had lots of fun making the Fuzzikins visit some of her other toys. I can definitely see lots of fun in the future!

Fuzzikins Campervan ReviewFuzzikins Campervan ReviewOne off the reasons I take my kids out so much, is to give them a break from technology and to get some fresh air and exercise. This was a great toy for bringing something we would normally do indoors, outside. It made a trip to a park we’ve visited hundreds of times a little different and fun in a different way.

Fuzzikins Campervan ReviewIt’s also perfect for holidays, sleepovers and visits and is just a charming, easy to play with and versatile toy. It brings out creativity and imagination and we both absolutely love it.

Fuzzikins Campervan Review

You can find the Fuzzikins Campervan Carry Case on the Interplay website or on Amazon

*this product was sent to us to review. All opinions are my own. 

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