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My Week In Pictures 6th – 12th August

August 24, 2018

I am soooo bad at keeping up with my week in pictures this year! So this is very late and I’m a bad blogger! I’m sitting down now with a big mug of Tumeric Latte (ooh fancy!) and an evening set aside to catch up on lots and lots of blogging. I’ve been very busy with the kids over the summer holidays and I’ve been doing lots of planning for a blog relaunch later in the year, but of course the most important thing is actually posting! Now I just have to remember what I’ve actually done over the last couple of weeks!

6th August – I took Lila to her first ever swimming lesson. I booked her an intensive course of lessons for this week. She did so well and I could see her gaining confidence in the water really quickly. After that we just relaxed at home and din’t do too much. I also managed to not take any pictures today, so thats a great start!

7th August – Again we started the day with Lila’s swimming lesson, she enjoyed it even more today nd was buzzing to keep going. After that we headed to Kent to visit Chartwell, a National Trust property and former home of Winston Churchill. I’ve been before and loved it and it was great visit again with the kids and my parents.

I wore my lemon dress from Tu Clothing again, I love it so much and want to wear it as much as I can while the weather is nice. I wore it with a vintage straw handbag and my Hotter Flare sandals.

8th August – After the swimming lesson we headed into London for a boat trip. Jess had said she wanted to tho on a boat during the holidays and taking a boat along the Thames to Greenwich is one of my favourite things to do. You get some of the best views of London from the river.

After cruising up the river, we just went for a little wander around the town looking at pretty houses and popping into some of the independent shops. It was such a lovely chilled afternoon. I also spotted so many yellow doors! If you follow me on instagram, you’ll know I love a yellow door!

We found a little shop that sold pretty things and beads, Lila was in her element!

While we waited for our return boat, the girls practiced their gymnastics and had a lovely time actually getting on with each other for once. haha.

I wore a grey skirt from Simply Be with a yellow top from Primark along with my Sol sandals from Hotter. This was such a comfy and easy to wear outfit for a day out.

9th August – This was a busy day running errands. After Lila’s swimming lesson I decided that since it was raining and pretty cold, we’d go and get some shopping done. Out first stop was Clarks for new school shoes. We ended up waiting over an hour to have the kids shoes measured and they had nothing in Lila’s size, so that wasn’t great. But we did get Jess’s shoes, so that was one thing ticked off the list. We picked up lots of bits for school elsewhere and then finished the day with a trip to Ikea.

10th August – In the morning we had Lila’s final swimming lesson. In one week she was able to swim a little with no float and put her face under water and her confidence has improved so much. I can’t wait to get her more lessons in September so she keeps making progress and I’ll definitely keep taking her to the pool lots. We spent the rest of the day at home and I got  some work done, including going through my vintage handbag collection, working out which ones I’m going to sell.

These are two of my bags that I will definitely be keeping. But some of my Enid Collins bags will be going. You can follow my Etsy shop, so you can see my items as I start to list them in September.

11th August – We took Jess to pony club and Lila looked round the farm and went on the bouncy castle which she loved. Later in the day I met Fay for a coffee, which was lovely as I hardly do anything in the holidays and spend every day with the kids. I don’t think I took any pics again! Bad blogger.

12th August – We spent a rare day with Rob, which was lovely. We watched Harry Potter films and went for a walk at our local common. We fed the ducks (bird seed, don’t give them bread!) and went for a lovely explore, even though it was a little cold and rainy. It was such a lovely simple afternoon.

I wore a much more cold weather outfit than any other day in the summer, my outfit was also black which never happens. My top is H&M, my skirt is from Peacocks and the boots are Primark.

We fell in love with this gnarly old tree and took way too many pictures! And Lila took some pics of me and Rob together, which is lovely as we don’t ever get any!

On the way back we stopped at Krispy Kreme for a treat. Lila and I love watching the doughnuts being made and we enjoy eating them even more!

So that was my fun but chilled week with the girls. As I’m a bit behind, expect the next instalment very soon! I’m hoping for a few more sunny days as I’m definitely not quite done with summer activities and beach days yet!

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