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CRAFT – Trying Pyrography For the First Time

September 14, 2018

I love getting creative and trying out new crafts and arty things. Back in July I went to a Christmas event with Hobbycraft and we got to try making lots of different festive things. One of the crafts we got to try was pyrography, which is basically using a hot tool to burn designs into wood. I have a vague memory of doing it once before as a kid, but this was my first proper go at it and it was actually quite relaxing and fun.

Trying Pyrography for the First TimeI’ll write more about the Hobbycraft event nearer to Christmas, but there was a gift voucher in my goody bag which I decided to use on a pyrography tool. I also bought some little wooden disks to practice on and when I get a bit better at it, I’ll try some bigger projects.

Trying Pyrography for the First TimeIt’s definitely something that takes a while to get the hang of, but it’s a really relaxing craft. I really enjoyed listening to an audio book while I did it, switching my thoughts off and just enjoying the process.

I used some rubber stamps to mark designs on the disks, you could also just draw something freehand or use a stencil. I used one of the included attachments to do simple lines.

Trying Pyrography for the First TimeOnce I was done I drilled little holes in the disks to thread some string though. The disks weren’t ideal for this and cracked a little, so I’m going to go back to hobby craft and look for something that’s a bit more suitable for this kind of thing.

Trying Pyrography for the First TimeIt’s definitely one of those crafts that you start to get a feel for and I think with lots of trial and error I could definitely make my work neater and improve my technique. I’m definitely going to do a little bit each week until I feel a bit more confident with it.

 Trying Pyrography for the First TimeI’d like to be good enough by Christmas that I can make something for each member of my family. Maybe just a wooden gift tag or a small gift, but I like to do something personal or pretty whenever I can.

The tool cost me just £10, so it’s a pretty cheap craft to take up. the only downside is that the tool gets seriously hot and can be quite dangerous, so it’d definitely not one to do around the kids. As long as your careful to use it correctly and to switch it off when you’re done, it totally fine though.

have you tried pyrography before? Do you have any tips that I might find useful? Have you tried any crafts recently that you think I’d enjoy?

Buy the tool on the Hobbycraft website.

I haven’t written any art or craft posts for ages, but you can find some of my older ones in the Craft section of the blog. I’m going to try more crafty things very soon, so look out for more posts over the next few months.

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    September 21, 2018 at 8:37 am

    My mum used to do pyrography when I was a kid, she did a fantastic one on a big breadboard of our boxer Becky. I used to love having a go with the pyrography machine but wasn’t quite as artistic as her.

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