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This Way to The Ministry of Magic – My Harry Potter Themed Loo!

October 1, 2018

In recent years my decorating around the house has been quite grown up. Think vintage furniture, lots of houseplants etc etc. But I do really love a theme, I’ve enjoyed doing the ice cream theme in Lila’s room loads and one of my mini house projects this year, was something we all love. I wanted somewhere in the house that we could celebrate out love of all things Harry Potter and out little downstairs loo was the perfect little space to go full Potter nerd! There’s still a lot more I want to do in there, but we’ve made a start and I really like how it looks.

It’s quite a dark little room, in true Harry Potter style, it’s actually under the stairs! When we moved in, we knocked a few walls down and changed the layout downstairs, and this was one of the things we added. It does mean that it’s a bit tricky to take good photos in there, but I’ve done my best!

I started off by putting up a couple of Ikea Mosslander picture ledges, just like I did in Lila’s room. These are not only great for displaying pictures, but make great little feature walls. They are great for displaying little bits and bobs. I used this top display some of the Harry Potter things that I’ve collected recently.

On the top shelf, I have a Dumbledore Pop figure that Jess and I bought as a gift for Rob a couple of years ago. It sits in front of a plaque from Primark which says “Clean up after yourselves, house elves don’t live here!” which I thought was funny. The feather ornament is from Poundland and although it’s not an actual Harry Potter product, I thought it would tie in well with the theme.

My Hogwarts Express clock was a bargain £2 in the Primark sale. The wooden owl is another Poundland buy, which I think looks like it could be found in a corner of Hogwarts somewhere. The scrap of paper from the Goblet of Fire is something I picked up at the Harry Potter Studio Tour.

I love that you can get fun and affordable Harry Potter bits from Primark, as often anything like this is SO expensive! Especially if you’re just doing something like this for a bit of fun, like we did.

My plants and pots are also from Ikea, I always pick up loads of plants every time I go in there and then find them homes around the house. The picture is from a selection of post cards I bought at The House of Mina Lima, the potion bottle is from Flying Tiger and my Hedwig mug is from Primark.

My Hogwarts candle is another Primark Find, it actually smells really nice too. The Defence Against the Dark Arts picture is one of my very favourite Mina Lima Images from the films.

My ministry of magic sign was from Primark a couple of years ago and is absolutely perfect for the theme and location!

On the little window sill I have my Harry Potter mug with a money plant growing in it, this was the very first Harry Potter thing I added to the room. I also have the Butter Beer cup I got at the studio tour and a little holder with our tickets from the tour in it.

Lastly we have Gryffindor and Slytherin plaques on the wall to celebrate out two houses. There’s quite a lot more I want to do with this room and I’m going to take my time and pick up things as and when I see them. It’s so much fun having our little fan moment creating this room.

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    Fay Simone
    October 1, 2018 at 8:23 pm

    I LOVE what you have done with this space. Obviously love HP too – this is such a cute little getaway – perfect place to read the books! xx

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    collection Jewelry
    August 10, 2019 at 9:01 am

    This is Amazing!

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