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Autumn and Halloween

Autumn is Here! – 10 Things to do in October

October 4, 2018

This is definitely one of my favourite times of year. Especially after the hot summer, I feel like we’ve had enough sun and absorbed lots of vitamin D. Now it’s time to get cosy and enjoy one of the most beautiful seasons, soak up the colours, drink hot drinks and indulge in pumpkin flavoured everything! Apologies if you hate the word autumnal, you’re about to read it a lot. (sorry, not sorry)

Autumn is Here! - 10 Things to do in OctoberI thought it would be fun to look back on some my past posts and think about some of my favourite Autumnal things to do, eat and make and put them all together in one, leaf crunching, orange coloured, pumpkin flavoured post!

1. Make some yummy warming soup.

Autumn is Here! - 10 Things to do in OctoberMy pumpkin and squash autumn soup recipe, is absolutely delicious and totally seasonal. It also looks amazing served in my Laura Ashley pumpkin soup bowls that they’ve brought back this year. I’m definitely going to have to buy some more. I have lots of delicious soup recipes stored away, that I’ll definitely be sharing on here over the next few months. Do you have a favourite seasonal soup?

2. Seasonal Autumn Decorating

Autumn is Here! - 10 Things to do in OctoberI love to work to a theme in my house. Every year I bring out a few home wares and decorations to match the season and use them to decorate little corners of the house. Last year I wrote about getting my home ready for Autumn and included some of my Laura Ashley Autumn homewares. Most of the things I included are available again his year. I’ve also spotted lots of things I like in Homesense, supermarkets and Poundland. It’s also nice to decorate with natural things like pumpkins, conkers and beautiful leaves, basically anything you can gather while you explore the season.

3. Make some Autumnal Meringues

Autumn is Here! - 10 Things to do in OctoberI made these seasonally hued meringue kisses last year and I just loved how they came out. They are a perfect treat for halloween or just for keeping the colours autumnal as part of a dessert.

4. Get your Autumn Outfits Ready

Autumn is Here! - 10 Things to do in OctoberI don’t really have full on seasonal wardrobes, I’ll often wear the same things throughout the year with varying amounts of layering. However there are certain things I love to wear in Autumn, such as pinafore dresses with sweaters, boots and lots of 70s style hippy dresses with long sleeves. I also use accessories to get those Autumn colours out there. Read last years post on Autumn outfit inspiration. This year I’ll be wearing a lot of leopard print, as its everywhere and I love it.

5. Pick a Perfect Pumpkin

Autumn is Here! - 10 Things to do in OctoberI absolutely love the tradition of going to a pumpkin patch with the kids and each choosing our perfect pumpkin. I cannot wait to do it again this year and see how we all carve them differently and of course make lots and lots of mess! Read about last years trip to the pumpkin patch with Lila.

Autumn is Here! - 10 Things to do in October

6. Make a Pumpkin Pie

Autumn is Here! - 10 Things to do in OctoberMy pumpkin pie recipe is one of my favourite ever recipes I’ve shared on the blog. It is absolutely delicious and really easy to make. It’s also a great way to include seasonal ingredients in your baking. Just looking at this is making me want to go and take a pie right now!!!!

7. Crunch Through Some Leaves

Autumn is Here! - 10 Things to do in OctoberNo Autumn list would be complete without some good old leaf crunching. Nothing beats those beautiful dry days where the light is golden, the trees are all still covered in every shade of red, orange and gold and the leaves are crunchy under your feet. Add a lovely Autumn outfit and a Pumpkin Spice Latte and I’m actually in heaven! Check out my walking through the leaves outfit from a couple of years ago. And yes I will be using this picture every single Autumn for the rest of my life. Look at my blurry happy face!

8. Bake Some Pumpkin Spice Muffins

Autumn is Here! - 10 Things to do in OctoberPumpkins and warming sweet spices are some of my favourite flavours and my pumpkin spice muffins recipe is one I’ll definitely be making again this year. Soooooo good!

9. Go Halloween Crazy and Support Small Businesses

Autumn is Here! - 10 Things to do in OctoberLast year I wrote all about my favourite halloween decorations on Etsy, there were so many cute and quirky things that caught my eye. Since most of them are still available this year, it definitely still worth a look. I think I’ll be doing an updated version very soon too. I love supporting small businesses on Etsy and many of these cute decorations could be packed away in the loft and brought out every year.

10. Go all Themey on Instagram!

Autumn is Here! - 10 Things to do in OctoberLast year I really embraced the season over on my Instagram and had so much fun doing it. I’m tempted to temporarily abandon my yellow theme and go crazy for Autumn colours and bore you all with squashes for the second year running! What do you think? I do seriously love a colour scheme! Want some insta inspo? Check out my post on having colour schemes on Instagram.

Finally… Marvel at the Colours that are Everywhere

Autumn is Here! - 10 Things to do in Octobergorgeous….. Autumn is Here! - 10 Things to do in Octobersoooo gorgeous….. even more gorgeous…. oh Autumn, I love you so much. Autumn is Here! - 10 Things to do in OctoberThere is absolutely nothing more gorgeous than the colours of the season. If you do one thing this Autumn, it has to be going to somewhere full of trees and just taking it all in. As the month progresses and we go into November the colours will only get better, but before we know it the trees will be bare. Enjoy those fleeting days of beauty.

I’ve been hit by a really bad cold this week (thanks Autumn 😂), so I’m a bit behind with posting. But expect lots more Autumn and Halloween baking, crafts and general leaf joy over the next few weeks. I have lots of exciting stuff planned! I’m already thinking of more Autumnal things to do in November, think this might need to be a regular post?

What are your favourite things to do in October?

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