When it comes to beauty products, I’m a bit of a creature of habit. Once I find something I like, I will keep re-buying it until I find a new product which I love even more. It’s been a long time since I last wrote a beauty favourites post and so I thought it was high time I shared some of my favourite new editions to my beauty routine, as well as couple of old favourites which I’ve mentioned before.

Beauty Favourites February 2017 - Rituals - Lush - Miller HarrisAt the moment I’m a bit obsessed with Rituals skincare. I’ve been using their bath and shower products for ages, as I love all their beautiful fragrances. I’d never tried any of their facial skincare until recently. I have been into their new Kingston branch quite a few times this year and recently had a skincare consultation. I absolutely loved the products they showed me and decided to take a few home with me.

Rituals Cleanser and TonerFirst up I purchased the Mild Cleansing Milk and Ultra Calming Facial Toner. These lovely products are really light and soothing and make my face feel soft and clean without stripping any moisture or feeling too heavy. They are really gentle and you only need to use a tiny amount of product to get the job done.

Rituals MoisturiserTo complement my new cleanser and toner I picked up an Active Moisture Lotion. I’m completely in love with this lovely moisturiser, again it’s not too heavy on the skin and perfect for applying in the morning before make-up. This really adds a boost to  my skin and absorbs really quickly leaving no stickiness. For my body I’ve been using the Ritual of Sakura Magic Touch Body Cream, which has been my go-to body lotion for the last couple of years. It smells absolutely divine and makes my skin feel amazing. I slather this on before bed and wake up with lovely soft skin, every morning.

Lush Snow Fairy and Dark AngelsMy two favourite Lush products at the moment are Dark Angels, which I’ve bought many times before and Snow Fairy Body Conditioner which I picked up for the first time in the post-Christmas sales and absolutely love. Dark Angels is perfect for when you want a really good cleanse. It’s packed with lots of fab ingredients including essential oils for a thorough clean. Sadly the Snow Fairy body conditioner is only a seasonal product, but it is one of Lush’s nicest scents. This conditioner is used in the shower for supper soft, sweet-smelling skin.

Poirier d'un SoirLasty, I just got a new bottle of my all time favourite perfume, as a gift from my husband. Pourier d’ un Soir by Miller Harris, is a beautiful old-fashioned scent. People always ask me about my perfume when I wear it and I get loads of compliments on it. It’s a little pricey, but each bottle usually lasts me about a year, so I see it as an investment.

What are your favourite beauty products at the moment, I’d love to hear your recommendations.

Lush has been one of my very favourite shops for what feels like forever. I think I really do love every single thing about it! The products are gorgeous and the staff are always so helpful and happy. From the moment you step into the shop to when you are soaking in the most luxurious and colourful bath, the whole experience makes you feel good.

Lush Oxford Street Review
I’ve been to many local branches of Lush and although generally they are quite small, I’ve always found everything I’ve needed. But when I heard they were opening on Oxford Street I was absolutely delighted. A few weeks ago on the way back from an event, Fay and I had a very fleeting visit to the shop and it was love at first sight.

Lush Oxford Street Skincare
It’s absolutely HUGE and has so many exclusive products and it’s teaming with amazing staff who are the most helpful friendly people ever. Because the shop was very near closing we didn’t have a proper chance to look around, but we knew we’d be back.

Lush Massage Bars
A couple of weeks later and like too women on a mission we returned! Within a few minutes of exploring and taking way too may pictures, we got chatting to a lovely member of staff called Camsha. She offered to show us around the shop and talk us through all of the products and she was so much fun to look round with. I was so impressed by how well she knew all the products and she was so much fun, it was like shopping with a new friend. There was no rush with her and she made us feel so at home, devoting nearly an hour to us. What other shop offers that kind of service.

Lush Oxford Street
Of course no shopping trip involving me and Fay could ever pass by uneventfully and half an hour into our tour another customer was taken ill and collapsed. Fay being a nurse immediately stepped in to help and I was so proud of her. She looked after the lady so well and was amazing. Luckily the lady was just exhausted and hadn’t eaten so it wasn’t serious. The staff were so sweet and gave Fay a gift to say thank you and a bottle of Snow Fairy for me for waiting while the situation was sorted. Lush are such a lovely company and it was so nice of them to make that gesture.

Lush Oxford Street Bath Products
The other eventful thing that happened was running into the incredible Tess Holiday, plus size model and body positive superstar. We spoke to her for a couple of minutes and she was absolutely lovely. She is just as beautiful in real life as she is on Instagram and it was really nice to meet someone who has achieved so much and really is an inspiration.

Lush Oxford Street Christmas
Anyway back to the shop, which is spread over 3 floors and houses not only the usual lovely Lush products, but also some Oxford Street exclusives. The shop is really spacious and is divided into easy well signed sections so it’s very easy to find exactly what you are looking for. There are staff everywhere, so really all you need to do is ask. As an ex visual merchandiser, the appearance of shops is always really important to me. Lush gets five stars for excellent displays and shopability (not a word? I don’t care). Everything is gorgeous!

Lush bath Bombs Oxford street
My iPhone didn’t leave my hand as I buzzed around taking pictures of everything, especially all the new Christmas products. You can see everything I bought in my Lush Haul post.
I just want to say a big thank you to Camsha for being awesome and to Fay for being my favourite shopping buddy for the last 16 years. If you’re near Oxford Street, make sure you pop in, it really is the best shop ever!

See the full range on the Lush website.

Lush Bath Bomb Bags
It feels like forever since I last shared a Lush haul on here. In fact it feels like ages since I treated myself to some goodies at all. With a few recent trips into London I’ve found myself wondering into the new Oxford Street store a couple of times and it is amazing! I have a separate post all about the Oxford Street shop coming up and I can’t wait to share all my photos with you. Today I want to share the lovely products I bought for me, Rob and the girls. Sadly being on a budget it’s not the biggest haul, but there’s at least one amazing bath in store for each of us!

Mini Lush Haul
The Christmas items are just starting to come instore at the moment, and it was so much fun looking at them all and having a sniff at all the lovely scents. I couldn’t resist picking up a couple of festive items despite it being September at the time.

Lush Father Christmas
For Rob I chose a Father Christmas bath bomb, because who could resist that cheery face?! He smells super sweet and apparently he’s green inside, I’m looking forward to seeing him fizz and melt.

Lush Snow Fairy
Also from the Christmas range, I got a small bottle of Snow Fairy shower gel. This was actually a little gift from the staff in the shop, I’ll explain why when I write about my trip to Oxford Street in a few days. This delicious candy floss scented shower gel, is the perfect girlie pink treat to make every shower fun. It smells amazing and looks absolutely adorable.

Lush Yoga Bomb
I got myself a Yoga Bomb, which is a luxurious richly scented bomb, for a long relaxing soak. My bath has blue mood lighting in it and I often turn all the lights out and have a bath in the dark with just the blue lighting on. This is lovely and relaxing but not so good for a gorgeous multi coloured bath bomb. Apparently this keeps changing colour as it slowly fizzes but I missed it all! It did smell fab though!

Lush Butter Bears
I got the little ones a Butter Bear each, they are packed with fairly traded cocoa butter and are lovely and moisturising for both kids and adults skin. I love that these are slightly cheaper than some of the other bath bombs and they’re a nice product for small people to try.

Lush Oxford Street Haul
And that’s it for now. Although I cannot wait to go back and get some more. Look out for my Oxford Street store post coming soon.

Cosmo Blog Awards

This month I’ve put myself on a 30 day spending ban, as I want to put a bit of extra  money into savings this month. I also did way too much shopping in May. Anyway todays haul was bought last month so it’s ok!

This was a bit of an accidental splurge in Lush as I hadn’t even planned to go in. I only ended up going because Fay wanted to pick something up, but once unleashed I went a little crazy! I absolutely love Lush products and pretty much everything I bought was a repurchase of products I’ve tried and loved in the past. So all of these come highly recommended.

Ultra Bland:

I used to use this product absolutely years ago as my full-time cleanser. For fans of traditional skincare Ultrabland is in fact a type of cold cream, which explains why I like it so much, I’m a die-hard cold cream fan. Like it’s yesteryear counterparts, Ultrabland will melt away your make-up, get all dirt from your face and leave it feeling clean and moisturised at the same time. I’m so glad I have this cleanser in my life again as it’s one of the best I’ve ever tried. To use this one you just need to rub it all over your face and wash off using a flannel or muslin cloth.

Tea Tree Toner Water:

Generally I have very clear skin, however every now and then I get the occasional break out, and this is the perfect product for keeping pesky blemishes at bay. This super fresh spritz is so refreshing on the skin and helps keep in clear and clean. I love everything about this product and use it after giving my face a really good clean and cleanse. Generally I spray it directly onto my skin although you can also apply it with cotton wool.

Angels on Bare Skin:

Another favourite of mine which I haven’t used in a while is Angels on Bare Skin. This gorgeous cleanser really has that natural hand-made feel which you get from Lush products. This product smells absolutely beautiful and is full of some of my favourite ingredients including lavender, rose and almonds. mixed with water and rubbed all over the skin this will leave you feeling fresh and clean and with nothing but natural ingredients and no preservatives it’s always been a winner for me.

Think Pink Bath Ballistic:

It would be wrong to go into lush without buying at least one crazy bath bomb. This time I treated myself to Think Pink. This super girlie bath bomb smells amazing and fills the bath with pretty heart confetti. At only £2.50 it’s one their cheaper options and I just love it!

Ickle Baby Bot Bath Ballistics:

I couldn’t leave the girls out of the fun so I picked up two Ickle baby Bot bath bombs for them. Jess used hers almost immediately and loved it, I’m saving Lila’s until I know she’s going to have a longer bath. This is perfect pre bedtime as it’s packed with soothing lavender to help little ones drift off into peaceful sleep.

Porridge Soap:

I’m a big fan of using oats in cosmetics as they are absolutely amazing for your skin, so when I spotted this I had to give it a try. Not only have they used oats but also fresh orange juice, so it’s like breakfast for the skin. This lovely soap is great for exfoliating and softening the skin and like all Lush products it smells beautiful.

Honey I Washed the Kids Soap:

Having not used soap for years in favour of shower gels and liquid soap, I’m having a bit of a soap rediscovery. As well as picking up the Porridge Soap I also get a small chunk of this honey scented soap. As well as containing lovely honey it also has Aloe Vera to care for the skin and Orange and Bergamot oils which make it smell beautiful.

Stepping Stone Foot Scrub:

With sandal season upon us it’s definitely time to start caring for our feet, this product not only looks adorable but also smells really lovely. The scrub is packed with pumice as well as lemongrass, lemon and lime oils. It deodorises and softens the feet. To use it you just break a little of and use it to clean the feet. I’m definitely going to re-buy this one as I absolutely loved it.

Chou Chou I Love You and Atomic Toothy Tabs:

I got samples of both of these products as I really wanted to give them a try. I’ve seen a couple of other bloggers mention how much they liked these so I thought it was worth a go. They are basically toothpaste in tablet form. You chew them up and then brush. These could take a little getting used to firstly because they feel a little different and also because they are not minty like normal toothpaste. They do however clean teeth so well and taste amazing that I think I’ll probably use these again. I’ve also read elsewhere that they are great for whitening the teeth too. Has anyone else tried these? I’d to know what you thought.

As always I want to say a big thank you to the amazing staff at the Wimbledon branch for the best customer service ever. One lovely lady kept Lila busy and entertained while I sniffed every single product in the shop, the other was on hand to answer all our questions. You really can’t beat the friendly and helpful service you get in Lush!

What are your favourite Lush products? What shall I buy once my 30 day spending ban is over?