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My Vintage Jewellery Collection

November 20, 2012

Since moving house nearly a year ago I sill have a few boxes in my loft that I haven’t really managed to un-pack. When we’ve finished the bedroom makeover I will get the last of my things sorted.  I had a quick look in the loft earlier to work out which vintage clothes I was going to keep and which I will be putting on eBay and I came across this little collection of vintage brooches that I had displayed in this frame. They used to sit on the dressing table in my old house, before the dressing table was replaced with a cot!

I collected them at various vintage fairs that I was selling at. A lot of then came from my friend Tracy who I shared a stall with. I have a bit of an obsession for porcelain and enamel brooches.

I was also recently given a jewellery box from my Grandma’s house. She has moved into a beautiful home by the sea and the contents of her house were being cleared. There were a few things that I wanted to keep safe, little things that I could show the girls and pass on to them. My dad came back with hundreds of family photos which we have enjoyed looking through for hours. I got a few other things that I’m sure I will share in the future once I have found them a home in my home. I also was given this jewellery box. The contents are of no particular value but to me they are treasures. The box itself tells a story with the initials M.R on the lid. I am not sure who M.R is but I would love to find out.

The lovely little jewellery box is full of pretty things.

The box was very hard to unlock but inside there was a beautiful collection of vintage jewellery. I am going to get some advice on how to clean it all and then I’m going to keep it in my bedroom to enjoy.

While up in the loft I also found a few other bits of vintage jewellery which I love…

These are some beads and earings that I got in a charity shop a few years ago, they go really well with my summer dresses.

These two sets of pearls make a great alternative to a classic string of pearls and I’m going to wear them with some of my christmas outfits.

I have a few other bits which I will have to dig and out and photograph too.

Does anyone else have any family treasures?

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