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My Year in Vintage Part One

December 29, 2013

I can’t believe how quickly 2013 has flown by, for me it’s been a really lovely year with plenty of ups and downs but lot’s of happy memories. I decided to look back on my vintage year in pictures, which meant a very long time going through all the pictures on my computer (there were a lot!)

I’ve chosen some of my favourites that include some of the vintage shopping trips I’ve had, some of the outfits I’ve worn and a few things I’ve made. So as not to bore you I’m dividing this up into two posts, the second installment will be up tomorrow morning.

Doing this has also made me realise how much of my wardrobe I’ve not cataloged or even worn as well as how much vintage I’ve bought and sold. I couldn’t include even half the pictures I wanted to, but I’ve also realised how many great vintage items I have to share on the blog over the next year. I always find outfit posts hard to do as when I’m out and about I have the kids and my family are all reluctant photographers. I have recently acquired a tripod and I have ordered some studio lighting so I’m going to try and photograph more of my outfits myself next year.

Here’s a brief explanation of each of the pictures above…

Row One

1. The fashion museum in Bath, 2. A vintage shop I visited in Bath, 3. Some vintage clothes I sold at Capital Car Boot, 4. A very colourful vintage outfit! 5. A 70’s sundress on holiday in Spain

Row Two

1. A dress I made myself from a vintage pattern, 2. Another dress I made myself from a vintage pattern! 3. A sinkfull of vintage hankies, 4. Another handmade vintage dress, 6. Pleasure Garden at The Museum of London

Row Three

1. A vintage sundress I wore to the common with the kids, 2. One of my favourite dresses from Love Ur Look, 3. My Cath Kidston dress, 4. Vintage patterns from a car boot sale, 5. Another Love Ur Look dress

Row Four

1. Pin curls in a vintage scarf, 2. Tonged hair and sunglasses, 3. Handmade dresses and an Ebay find, 4. Bakelite Man! – I became obsessed with a man who sold bakelite and saw him at every car boot I went to. I eventually made a purchase which will be in tomorrows post. 5. My 70s sundress with some vintage beads which I bought in my Grnadma’s shop when I was about 10.

Row Five

1. My handmade dress, which I’m wearing at the lavender fields, it’s made from a vintage sheet. 2. An Ebay dress and Primark belt selfie, 3. Some car boot sale finds, 4. Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair, 5. Beyond Retro where I never find anything!

Check back tomorrow morning for the second instalment. If you’d like to do a year in vintage post to, please send me link as I’d love to see. xxx

See part two here

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    Roxy Vintage Style
    December 30, 2013 at 10:49 am

    What a gorgeous idea. Love the pictures – you and your vintage year look fabulous! xx

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