I always feel a bit sad at this time of year, when Autumn clothes start appearing in the shops. I don’t feel ready for summer to be over. But I also have a bit soft spot for Autumn colours and the idea of stomping through the leaves with the kids and I start to get a little excited.

This is my first of what I’m sure will become many Autumn wish lists. As it’s still August I’ve chosen transitional pieces, that work well now, but can be layered up as it starts to get cold. Add tights and cardigans and long sleeved tops for under sleeveless dresses and these will be perfect for the colder months as well.

Vintage Style Dresses for Autumn

Top Row: Petite Yellow Dress – Mushroom DressGingham Dress

Second Row – Ditsy Floral Dress 50s Style DressRose Print Dress

Bottom Row – Lace Frill DressMini Shirt DressWoodland Leaves Dress

Are you looking forward to Autumn, have you seen any lovely dress that you think I would like? Keep up to date with my latest outfits in the My Outfits section.

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Around the same time that I started this blog just over four years ago, I met a lovely lady called Ronke, who had just launched her first collection for her brand Love Ur Look. I instantly fell in love with all her beautiful dresses, which were vintage inspired, but also fun and quirky. Love ur Look dresses are made from beautiful fabrics and always have loads of interesting details and four years on I have quite a few in my wardrobe.

13308322_1220204077999454_7711865981558834745_oRonke’s latest venture is a collaboration with several other vintage inspired brands. The Pin Up Pop Up is a fantastic selection of independent brands, all gathered to together in one pop up shop, to provide everything a vintage enthusiast could possibly need. The pop up is running until this Tuesday and if you can get yourself over to Shoreditch before then it is an absolute must visit. I popped in yesterday to have a look around and I found myself in clothing heaven.

Love Ur Look Pin Up Pop UpBrands included in the fabulous line up include;

Love ur Look: for gorgeous beautifully made dresses and skirts in stunning prints.

Pin up pop up love ur lookLady K Loves: for the best jeans ever (I live in mine) and fabulous vintage inspired separates.

Lady K Loves Pin Up Pop UpSilly Old Sea Dog: for fun quirky dresses in lots of fabulous novelty print fabrics

Pin Up Pop Up Silly Old Sea Dog Inna Box: for cute quirky jewellery and accessories.

Pin Up Pop Up Imma BoxIf you’re on a budget, there is also a sale section in the shop, with lots of bargains to be had. I came home with a lovely new dress from Love Ur Look and a new wrap top from lady K Loves, which I’m sure I’ll be sharing on here really soon.

The Pin Up Pop up shopMy favourite thing about this shop, is that it supports several small businesses all run by inspirational women who have worked really hard on their businesses and have come a long way to get to this point. I am really proud to be supporting their brands because they are all fantastic!

The Pin Up Pop Up runs until Tuesday 14th June and can be found on Dray Walk, which is just off Brick Lane. Full details on the flyer I have posted above.

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As I never tire of telling you all, I’m a big fan of Lindy Bop. I adore their huge selection of vintage inspired dresses and I love the affordability. I wear their dresses on days when real vintage pieces would be too fragile (pretty much every day out with kids). I was a little bit excited and very worried about my bank balance, when I saw that they’d launched their biggest sale ever. So many of the items I’ve been coveting are now at ridiculously low prices and I have to confess I’ve already made a big order!

Lindy Bop Kelly Paradise Review
The gorgeous tropical print Kelly dress which I reviewed earlier this year is now reduced to £24.49

Lindy Bop Sale Marlene Blue Floral Dress
It’s hard to choose favourite dresses, as I like so many but I think the Ophelia (£16.09) and Marlene (£24.49) in gorgeous shades of blue would look beautiful in any wardrobe.

Lindy Bop Review Vintage Frills
All three of the dresses we reviewed this summer are now in the sale, so lovely little girls don’t need to miss out either. The Joy dress worn by me is now  £24.49 and the kid’s Audrey dresses are now just £10.49 each.

Lindy Bop Sale Marlene Banana Leaf Dress
One of the things that made it into my basket was the Malene dress (£24.49) in the banana leaf print, I’ve wanted it for ages and I can’t wait to try it on. The Tara in teal (£20.99) is the perfect dress for wearing all year round and is a real classic.

Lindy Bop Sale
I’m liking all the gorgeous shades of blue, although there are dresses in laterally every colour available in the sale. The Courtney Floral dress (£20.99) could be put away to bring out in the spring. The lovely Wedgwood blue of the polka dot Hannah dress (£20.99) really caught my eye. I love the classic cut of the dress.

There are literally hundreds of things to choose from in the sale. I picked up a few skirts and a couple of evening dresses to see me through the winter, as well as some lovely new dresses. I’ll try to post up a haul as soon as they arrive.

Check out the full range of sale items on the Lindy Bop website.

The 1930s were an era of great upheaval. They opened with a depression following the Wall Street crash in 1929, and closed with the start of another World War. Despite the tough times, fashion was still an important part of many people’s lives, and the 30s remain one of our favourite decades in design.

The lavish outfits of Hollywood stars provided inspiration for everyday style, and the sweeping full length dresses that were the signature look of the decade made for spectacular dancewear. Designers such as Elsa Schiaparelli and Madeleine Vionnet were taking fashion to new and exciting places, and innovations like Vionnet’s new bias cut were gradually revolutionising the way the women dressed.


1930s/40s Vintage Dress in Pale Aquamarine Water Silk (here)

By the 30s, the shorter-skirted and cheekier ‘flapper girl’ look had fallen out of favour, and been replaced with longer, more sophisticated designs directly influenced by stars of the silver screen such as Greta Garbo and Ginger Rogers (who often designed her own gowns). This water silk dress in pale aquamarine exhibits some classic features of the period; wide shoulders with puffed sleeves, gathered detail at the waist, and a long draping skirt which sweeps the floor.


1930s Vintage Dress in White Silk Satin with Bias Cut (here)

The elegant bias cut was developed by Madeleine Vionnet in the late 20s, and this white silk satin dress is a perfect example of it. The fabric was cut across the grain instead of with it, allowing materials to cling artfully to the body in certain places (such as the bust and hips), but also to flare out into sweeping skirts. Like many bias cut dresses, which can stretch due to the nature of their design, this one has no openings or fastenings of any kind, and slips on over the head.

MelaMela41920s/30s Vintage Dress in Peach Velvet with Appliqué Velvet Flowers and Ribbon Detail

1930s designs were usually kept simple and flowing, with little to break up the line of a piece of clothing. However, details like flowers and bows were also added to some 30s dresses, harking back to some of the more embellished styles of the 20s. This early 30s dress keeps some design elements of the previous decade, with its appliqué flowers and ribbons and, interestingly, fastens with a zip. Although the zip was invented in 1893, they weren’t really used for clothing until Schiaparelli began to promote them in the early 30s – we think this particular zip may have been added to the dress in a later decade.

MelaMela31930s Vintage Dress in Lemon Tulle with Pleats and Bow Detail (here)

Dancing remained ever popular during the Great Depression, particularly because Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire were dazzling cinema audiences with their show-stopping routines. The long flowing skirts of 30s bias cut designs lent themselves to this incredibly well, showcasing rippling expanses of fabric. The skirt of this lemon tulle dress is accentuated with ruffles and bows, making it perfect for swishing and twirling.

Near the end of the decade, when much of the world was gearing up for war, clothing styles started to become more reserved, reflecting the seriousness of the times. Eveningwear remained as glamorous as ever, but during the next few years designers would have to adapt their clothing to rigorous rationing and controlled commodity laws. Fashion wouldn’t begin to be truly luxurious again until the latter half of the 40s, when Christian Dior released his ‘New Look’ – wide shoulders, wasp waists and full midi skirts.

1930s fashion remains a huge influence on today’s clothing, and it’s not hard to see why. The revolutionary bias cut is a staple of glamorous eveningwear and bridal gowns, and original 30s pieces are becoming more and more sought after.

This article was written by Harriet Matthews from Mela Mela Vintage. Mela Mela Vintage is a vintage boutique in Greater London.

Every press day I’ve been to this season has got me more and more excited about all the wonderful 70s influences which will be everywhere later this year. Being a vintage collector I’ve managed to pick up quite a few amazing 70s pieces over the years and although I don’t love every look from the decade there are certainly aspects of it I adore. One shop that seams to have really picked up the best of the Seventies is ASOS. Everything has a very authentic retro feel,  infact at first glance their press day could be mistaken for an actual vintage shop.

ASOS AW15 Press Day Womenswear

The colour palette contains all the rich earthy tones you’d expect from retro clothing and it’s all absolutely perfect for Autumn. The fabric choices are also inspired from the past with lots of flowy chiffon and muslins as well as crimplene-esque stretchy fabrics. There are lots of strong prints, as well as stripes and chevrons with embroidered and beaded details.

ASOS AW15 Press Day Beaded Top

ASOS AW15 Press Day Favourite Dresses 1970sIf disco is more your thing then you won’t be disappointed, there were lots of sequins and sparkles. Forget being subtle, winter will be all about bright, light catching all over sequins, just in time for the party season.

ASOS AW15 Press Day Sequin Cape

ASOS AW15 Sequin Details

ASOS AW15 Sequin Jacket

The accessories are also daring with heavily embellished clutch bags, metallic boots and lots of fur.

ASOS AW15 Press Day Bead and Sequin Embellished Clutch Bag

ASOS AW15 Press Day Metallic Snakeskin Ankle Boots

There are also lot’s of brown tones and platforms as you’d expect. I can just image all of these walking over thick shag-pile rugs!

ASOS AW15 Press Day Brown 70s Style Platform Shoes

I really really liked all the coats, which are perfect for cold winter nights. I love seventies style coats and have an original suede one with a big furry colour, which looks just like these. I love all the fur details these all look so warm!

ASOS AW15 Press Day 1970s Coats

What do you think of the seventies trend and the collection from ASOS? I think it’s really cool and I’ll definitely be embracing aspects of it in my wardrobe.

Shop the currant collection from ASOS here