Amazing Rainbow Cake Recipe

Today I’m sharing a recipe I created for this absolutely gorgeous cake, and it’s surprisingly easy. It would be perfect for a quirky afternoon tea or for a birthday cake and it tastes completely delicious.

You Will Need:

200g caster sugar

200g butter

200g self raising flour

1tsp baking powder

4 eggs

2tbsp milk

Assorted gel food colouring. I used red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple


Pre heat oven to 180 degrees.

Mix all the ingredients until smooth.

Divide the mixture into 7 bowls.

Add a little food colouring to each bowl of mixture, until you are happy with each colour.

Place in a well greased cake case, I used a silicone one.

You will need to carefully add the mixture in thin layers.

Place in the centre of the oven for around 40 minutes or until lightly browned and cooked all the way through.

To Make The Icing:

You will need:

200g Icing Sugar

100g Butter

2 tbsp milk

Hundreds and Thousands

How to ice the cake:

Mix the icing ingredients together until you are happy with the consistency. I use an electric mixer.

Trim the top of the cake so that it is completely flat.

Apply a thin layer of icing with a spatular all over the cake.

Then apply another layer and smoothen with the spatular.

Sprinkle the hundreds and thousands all over the cake.

Allow to set before serving.

Enjoy with a nice big cup of tea!

Let me know if you give this one a go and how it comes out. xxx


  1. luray April 27, 2014 / 7:08 pm

    That looks psychedelic and fun! I will have to translate it into “American baking” to try it. Can you tell me what size cake case you used?

    • vintagefrills April 27, 2014 / 7:10 pm

      Thank you, I think it was a 6″

  2. Kelly April 27, 2014 / 8:10 pm

    wow this came out so well! am definitely trying this tomorrow, fred was asking to make cakes today xxx

    • vintagefrills April 27, 2014 / 8:11 pm

      Yay! Lila wants to make cakes everyday now. Let me know how it comes out. Xxx

  3. primroseprints April 28, 2014 / 4:29 pm

    This looks amazing, so pretty, we’re vegan so I’m going to have a go at making a dairy-free version, fingers crossed!

    • vintagefrills April 28, 2014 / 4:56 pm

      Hope it comes out OK. I’m going to have to make a dairy free/gluten free recipe soon as so many readers mention that they that they are going to give them a go.
      Let me know how you get on xxx

      P.S love your website.

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