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Zoella Beauty Review

October 6, 2014

Zoella, Zoella Beauty, Superdrug, Feel Unique, Full Range

I absolutely love seeing bloggers who have come from sitting at home on their computer making the decision to write their first ever blog post to forging hugely successful careers. There are loads who spring to mind, but one of the most well-known is Zoe Sugg aka Zoella. She started her blog and YouTube back in 2009 and her following has grown and grown well into the millions.

With her online success has come some fabulous opportunities, she has appeared on TV and numerous magazines, has her first novel coming out in November and has just launched her own beauty range Zoella Beauty and she’s only 24! It just goes to show where blogging and lots of hard work can take you!

Zoella, Zoella Beauty, Zoella Candle, Let's Glow

I can never resist trying new products especially when everyone is talking about them, so I headed out to Superdrug the day they came out to get my hands on the pretty pink products. My first branch of Superdrug (Epsom) only had the candle, body lotion and bath soak so I headed to another branch (Kingston) and picked up a make-up bag and bath fizzer. The body mist was long gone in both branches. After the effort that went into getting hands on my new treats I really needed a long soak in the bath.

Zoella, Zoella Beauty, Fizz Bar, Bath Fizzer

I’m really glad that Zoe chose to bring out a bath and body range rather than a make-up range, as it’s something everyone of all ages can use, she has a lot of younger fans. I also prefer it when actual make-up artists or experts bring out make-up. There have been some great releases from other Youtubers including Pixiwoo’s Real Techniques brushes and Tanya Barr’s Lips and Nails range. Bath and Body products are so much fun and nice and affordable.

Zoella, Zoella Beauty, Superdrug, Feel Unique, Full Range

I absolutely love the packaging of the whole range. It’s pretty and girlie and really cute. I really love the little lace detail on the labels and the pink polka dots. I loved it because it will look really pretty in my bath room, and my girls loved it because it’s pretty and pink! I was also impressed with the sizes, the bath soak especially is a nice big bottle and I can see it lasting quite a while.

The prices are also pretty good. The bath soak, body lotion, bath fizzers and candle are all £5 each and the body mist and make-up bag are £8 each so pretty budget friendly.

Zoella, Zoella Beauty, Soak Opera, Bubble Bath, Bath Soak, Shower Gel

Zoella, Zoella Beauty, Fizz Bar, Bath Fizzer

The scent of all the products is a subtle fresh floral scent and quite spring like for an October release. It’s a little lighter in scent than products I usually go for but I still absolutely love it. I’ve used the bath soak and bath fizzers in my bath everyday for the last week and I’m so happy with both. The bath soak foams nicely when used as a bubble bath and also makes a great shower gel. The bath fizzer lets off a lovely fragrance and is great used at the same time as the soak. I’ll definitely be re-buying both as they make for the perfect relaxing tub experience!

Zoella, Zoella Beauty, Candle, Let's Glow

The candle is quite strongly scented and within a few minutes of lighting it, the room is filled with a lovely fragrance. It’s quite a small candle so I’ve only been burning it for a short time, but it’s just enough to let off a fresh feminine smell. I love that it comes in a cute little jar, and it looks really pretty next to the rest of the range on my bathroom windowsill.

After relaxing in the bath I tried the body lotion, this generous sized tube will last me ages as you really don’t need to use much of this to soften the skin. It rubs in smoothly and absorbs really quickly. I hate body lotions which stay on the skin for ages so I was really happy with this too.

Zoella, Zoella Beauty, Zoella Make-up bag, Guinea Pig, Pink

I couldn’t resist picking up one of the two designs of make-up bag, despite not really needing a new one. I chose the pink one with the guinea pig design. I love that the bag had a guinea pig as they are Zoe’s favourite animal and she has two gorgeous ones as pets. It’s a cute little personal touch. There’s absolutely loads of room for lots of make-up in there so I’ve filled mine with all my every day bits, however I know Jess has her eye on it as a pencil-case so it may not stay in my possession for long!

The range is also not tested on animals, which is really important to me.

Zoella, Zoella Beauty, Superdrug, Feel Unique, Full Range Zoella, Zoella Beauty, Zoella Make-up bag, Guinea Pig, Pink

All in all I was really pleased with all the products and definitely think they are great value for money. I am really hoping some more products are released soon as I would definitely buy them all again in a different fragrance as well.

The range is available in selected Superdrug stores as well as online at Superdrug and Feel Unique.

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    November 10, 2014 at 4:32 pm

    First off I just want to say how stunning your photos are! Now, I have to admit I was sceptical of this range. I mean, you hear of reality stars and such adding their name to anything and well you start to tar people with the same brush. However I’m starting to think this range really has been done with care. I loved your write up of it, and I think I’m going to have to see for myself now 🙂 x
    Heroine In Heels

    • Reply
      November 10, 2014 at 5:13 pm

      Thank you, for your lovely comment! I was definitely pleasantly surprised by the range as I don’t usually go for celebrity products. I’ve used all the products up now and still really love them, especially the bath soak. xxx

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