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Blogmas Day 13 – New Additions To My Brooch Collection

December 13, 2016

A few weeks ago I posted about my collection of vintage embroidered brooches. I thought today I’d take a break from talking about Christmas and share some new additions to my ever growing collection.

novelty-embroidered-vintage-broochesIt’s got a little bit to the point where a collection becomes and obsession and now I’m constantly looking for new additions. I find them all over the place and usually they are really great prices.

embroidered-cottage-broochI got this little cottage scene at Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair in Balham a few months ago. It was on a stall called goodbye Norma Jean and it cost £10. It’s probably the most expensive one in my collection as I usually have an £8 limit. I couldn’t resist the lovely colours and detailed stitching on this one.

embroidered-vintage-swan-broochThis lovely swan was an eBay bargain and only cost me £3. I don’t find that many good ones on eBay so I was really pleased to snap this one up. It’s also my only one with this style of frame, which I think is really lovely.

vintage-embroidered-crinoline-lady-broochThis crinoline lady was also an eBay find and £2.20, it is probably the cheapest one in my collection.

vintage-embroidered-flower-broochI bought this flower one on a Facebook selling page. I can’t remember the exact price but it was around £5. I’ve been buying a lot more of my jewellery and vintage on Facebook recently. It’s a great place to look.

purple-embroidered-flower-broochThis purple flower brooch was another Facebook Buy. As I said in my last post, I really like buying similar ones and this is my third purple flower one that looks like it might have been based on the same pattern.

petit-point-broochLastly I also got this petit point brooch on Facebook. I have a handbag with a very similar design, so I plan to wear them together.

vintage-novelty-embroidered-broochesAt the moment I’m really on the lookout for anything with a picture, these are my favourites at the moment and the ones that get the most wear.  vintage-embroidered-brooch-collectionAnd here’s the whole collection, apart from a few that I bought years ago and don’t have to hand. To end on a very sad note! A few weeks ago i spotted this job lot on eBay and asked Rob to get them for me as my birthday present. He is amazing at eBay and never usually loses auctions, but this time it was just not meant to be and we missed out by £1. This would have been the best haul ever. I hope the person who did win them really enjoys them though. 🙁


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