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Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness – What I Pack in My Gym Bag

July 7, 2018

I want to write a bit more about health and fitness and the things I do to keep fit. One of those is going to the gym. I usually go about 2-3 times a week and mix it up with different types of exercise. Going to the gym for the first time can be daunting for so many reasons, especially if you’ve not been before. I wanted to write a bit about being prepared what to expect and what to bring. First up what I actually take to the gym with me. I have a gym bag permanently packed, so I can just grab it whenever I have time to go. Here’s everything I take to the gym with me.

A big waterproof gym bag

I got my lovely Cath Kidston foldaway weekend bag in the sale. It’s absolutely perfect as a gym bag as it has a waterproof lining and big comfortable strap so it’s easy to carry around. I love how many prints they do these in too. My advise when choosing a gym back is get the biggest bag you can, as you always need more stuff than you need. I often need to take a full change of clothes, as I go straight out from the gym, Sio I need lots of room for all my things.

What to pack in a gym bag

Gym membership card

Can’t get in without one of these! Don’t forget your membership card!


My gym requires you to bring your own padlock. I have a strong one, which you put a code into, I prefer this to having top carry a key around with me, especially when I go to the pool.

Headphones and phone holder

I always listen to music when I’m working out, I have lots of different playlist, but I love listening to rock music as it makes me run faster! I have some noise cancelling headphones which I got in Sainsburys. I like to block out the rest of the sound in the gym and get into my own zone and these are perfect for that.

What to pack in a gym bagGym VestLeggingsTrainersHeadphones – Water Bottle – Arm Band (links to similar products)

Gym clothes and trainers

I usually wear a pair of gym leggings, a top with built in sports support, with a t-shirt on top and a pair of trainers. Perfect for working out and staying comfortable. I usually get my leggings in Sainsbury’s as they are really high waisted and very comfortable. Sainsburys fitness clothing also comes in larger sizes, so is much more inclusive than a lot of other brands. My sports tops are from Nike, I love how supportive they are and they keep everything where it should be when I run.

What to pack in a gym bagHigh waisted bikini (reviewed in this post)

Swimming costume, flip flops and towel

If you want to go for a swim, or just use the spa area or sauna (if your gym has one) then you’ll need a comfortable swimsuit or bikini. At the moment I’m using my Boohoo one. I always wear flip flops to the pool and spa area and carry a water incase I get thirsty. I don’t have a specific towel for the gym, I just grab a clean one from home and pop it in my gym bag before I leave.

What to pack in a gym bag

Nice shower things and shower cap

I always try to take nice products to the gym with me, so I can have a little pamper. It’s a nice way to reward myself for working hard. I’ll either pick up mini products when I see them, or use things I’ve got in beauty boxes. Mostly I use the Rituals Hammam range, as it’s perfect for after working out. I also bring my Anatomicals Boob Tube shower gel as it reminds me to check my breasts for lumps every time I shower. I always pack some spare hair elastics and a shower cap, as I don’t always wash my hair at the gym.

What to pack in a gym bagMake up bag and top Primark – Sandals

Change of clothes

I always pack a completely fresh set of clothes and underwear for after my shower. I usually go to the gym in the morning, so I pack everything I need to look nice for the day. If I go in the evening, I’ll just pack some comfy leggings and a t-shirt in my gym bag, as I won’t be going anywhere else that day.

Hairbrush and Make up

I keep my full set of everyday make-up in a make up bag, so I can use it at home, or just grab it and pack it on gym days. I’ll only take it with me if I’m going somewhere else straight after the gym.

What do you pack in your gym bag? If you’re new to the gym, I hope you find this post useful. I’d love to do more gym and fitness related posts, so if you have any requests, let me know.

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