Tea and Cake with the Bloomsbury Group
There are many things I love in life, those little luxuries that never fail to make me smile. Very high on my list of favourite things are tea sets, cake, history and visiting beautiful places.… View Post

Home Inspiration – Pineapple Trend
One of my favourite retro home trends at the moment, would have to be pineapples. Over the last couple of years, I’ve seen loads of fabulous home pieces paying tribute to the good old pineapple ice… View Post

Jess’s Bedroom Makeover – Grey, Mint and Peach Themed Children’s Room
Last week Jess was away on a school trip for a few days and I decided this was the perfect time to give a her room a bit of a makeover. I’d already discussed loads… View Post

Home Inspiration – Restful Retro
I’ve been really enjoying putting together home posts, these last few weeks. I feel really inspired and I’ve enjoyed sharing some of the pictures I’ve taken at press days. I’ve already talked about tropical inspired… View Post

Home Inspiration – Old Hollywood Glamour
A couple of weeks ago, I talked about the fact that I’m planning to make a lot of changes to my house over the next few months. I decided to do a series of home… View Post

Creating a Vintage Inspired Outdoor Living Space
I am most definitely a summer person. As soon as the weather turns warmer, I want to spend all of my time outdoors. I am lucky enough to have a nice big garden and I’m… View Post

Cleaning Out Your Vintage Wardrobe
One of my very favourite things about wearing vintage, is the constant search for new (old) things. Most people who wear real vintage will be used to trailing vintage shops, charity shops and online to… View Post

My Vintage Kitchen Collection
I often wonder at what point a set of things becomes a collection. There are lots of lovely vintage things I keep an eye out for when I’m out vintage shopping but not many I’d… View Post

Our Pink Crosley Record Player
We’d been wanting a record player for absolutely ages. Both Rob and I both really love music and the idea of trawling car boot sales and charity shops to find lots of old records really… View Post

Tent London Design Show
A couple of weeks ago I visited Tent London a design show in London. I’ve aways been an interior design geek, in fact when I was a teenager it’s what I wanted to do when… View Post