A 1940s Dress and Hotter Flare Sandals #OOTD
It can be tricky to find practical shoes to go with vintage dresses. For me comfort is a huge priority. I’m a busy mum and I do a lot of walking. A lot of my… View Post

Vintage Favourites – Fruit Print Swirl Dress
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Happy in Horrockses – Original Vintage OOTD
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Pretty Retro 40s Style Tea  Dress Review
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My Favourite Shoes to Wear with Vintage Outfits
When it comes to vintage, I seem to have absolutely loads of dresses, handbags and jewellery. However I own very few pairs of true vintage shoes. This is partly because my feet are quite wide… View Post

House of Foxy Grable Dress Review
I find choosing outfits during winter so much harder than I do when the weather is warmer. In the summer you can throw on a cotton sun dress in any colour and it looks fabulous. As… View Post

A Royal Night Out at Cahoots
I get to do some really fun things because of this blog. A couple of weeks ago I went to an event that was areal highlight for me. I’d been wanting to visit Cahoots, a… View Post

My Pictures from the Mid Century Market
A few weeks ago Rob and I headed to Camden for one of our favourite vintage fairs. The Mid Century Market is a fantastic fair run by the lovely Bettina Scarlett. Unlike most of London’s… View Post

Dolly and Dotty Poppy Shirt Dress Review
I’d like to take a moment to welcome my wonderful new blog sponsors Dolly and Dotty to the land of pretty dresses! I only recently discovered this lovely company and it’s opened up a whole… View Post

Style Me Vintage 1940s Book Party and Review
Last month another Style Me Vintage book landed on my doormat, this was one I’d been really looking forward to. Although my style leans towards the 1950s I really adore the fashions of the 1940s.… View Post