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Fashion Outfit of The Day

Fashion – The £10 Dress I’m Loving This Season

May 17, 2018

I’m trying not to buy any new dresses at the moment. Like I discussed in my post a few days ago, I’m trying to lose a little weight for my health. So I don’t want to get too many new things in case they don’t fit me soon. My wardrobe is also completely full! So right now I’m just saving money and investing in accessories and things that aren’t dependant on my dress size.

The only dress I’ve bought recently was this one for £10 in Primark. I feel in love with the beautiful ditsy floral print and the shades of blue and yellow are just lovely. I also love that it’s a wrap dress, so if I do lose any weight I can just tie it a little tighter.

The dress is lovely quality for the price, the fabric is 100% viscose and has a lovely drape. The ruffle detail that runs all the way round is evenly stitched and sits well. My only misgiving with the dress is that I need to fasten it at the bust with a safety pin, to avoid exposing my bosom to the world. I do find this with most high street wrap dresses, they’re not really designed for busty women. It’s a little shorter than my usual dresses, but I like that about it and I think I’m going to wear this length a bit more. My usual dress size is a 14, but with most Primark things I size up and go for a 16. I’m glad I did with this dress, as the fit is just right and the 14 would have been too small. I would recommend trying this one on to make sure the size is right, rather than just taking it home, like I usually do in Primark.   I wore my dress with a simple gold necklace and my new Flare sandals from Hotter, which I featured in my sandals wishlist. I think the outfit looks really pretty, while still being comfortable and practical enough for a lovely walk in the park with Rob.  I’d definitely recommend this dress if you want something affordable and easy to wear. I also think this will work for years to come as it’s quite a classic style. Just because some clothes are cheap, it shouldn’t make them throwaway and every purchase should have a certain amount of longevity and I think I get that with this dress. Now I just hope they bring it out in another colour way. I may be budgeting, but for £10 it would be hard to say no. have you bought anything nice recently?

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