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Cath Kidston Minnie Mouse Dress OOTD

6 Feb


Today’s post features a dress that was on the top of my wishlist for a long time, before it finally found its way to my wardrobe. The Cath Kidston and Disney collaboration featuring Mickey and Minnie was long anticipated and as soon as I saw the two dresses that would be in the collection I knew I had to have them!

Cath Kidston Disney Minnie Mouse DressHaving already gone through the drama of buying the Winnie the Pooh dress a few weeks earlier, I knew that getting the dress as far as my basket would be a struggle. So I signed up to the advance preview list and as soon as my email came with the password, I was on the Cath Kidston website. Unfortunately despite my best efforts I only managed to get one of the dresses I wanted, before they all sold out. That was the Mickey in London dress, which I will also feature on here soon.

Cath Kidston Minnie Mouse DressAlmost instantly the dresses started to appear on e Bay at crazy prices. I find it really unfair when people bulk buy limited edition items and then put them on e Bay. So I gave up on ever owning this dress. Until a few days ago when I got an email saying a few more were in stock, so I instantly bought one and two days later, there it was in my hands!

Disney Mini Mouse Cath Kidston DressThe dress will really come into its own in the summer when I can wear it on its own with some sandals, but for now I’ve been wearing it with a long sleeved top underneath, with tights and ankle boots. The dress is made from a lovely thick textured cotton and fastens at the side with an invisible zip. Like all my Cath Kidston dresses the quality is absolutely lovely. I usually try to not spend a fortune on clothes, but Cath Kidston dresses are one thing I like to splurge on because they fit well, wash like a dream and last ages. This one cost £70.

Minnie Mouse Cath Kidston DressMy only qualm with CK dresses is the length, I find them a little short on both the body and the skirt. This is mostly because I’m used to wearing original vintage and reproduction dresses and skirts, which usual sit on or just below the knee. But I guess its nice to have a change and its not really put me off any of the lovely designs so far.

Cath Kidston navy Polka Dot Spots Minnie Mouse DressAmazingly there are still a few of these in stock after the original sell out. They’re not easy to find on the site so use this link to go straight to the dress. You can see the whole Disney collection here.

Did you buy anything from the collaboration? What were your favourite pieces?

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Cath Kidston Winnie The Pooh Dress OOTD

24 Oct

I had been looking forward to the Cath Kidston and Disney collaboration, since I first heard about it a few months ago. I knew there would be a dress in the range and I was determined to own it. As the range was a limited edition I knew it would be hard to get my hands on one, so I signed up for the early bird newsletter and luckily managed to get the dress in my basket within ten minutes of it going online.

disney-cath-kidston-winnie-the-pooh-dress-2These sold out so quickly, by later that evening there were none left so I was definitely one of the lucky ones. So is the dress worth the fuss? In some ways I feel I got a little sucked into the hype of this collaboration. I absolutely love Cath Kidston and Winnie the Pooh, so I was always going to love this range. However I very rarely wear polka dots, so this is a bit of an exception for me. I think it’s really cute how the polka dots are incorporated into the print though, but it would have been nice to have had a floral dress option too.

disney-winnie-the-pooh-dressMy other misgiving with this dress is the length. It’s just a little bit too short for me. Although I love wearing shorter 60s dresses, to me this style of dress would look better sitting at knee length. Other than that the dress is wonderful, I love the thick textured fabric and the overall shape and as a collectors item, this was a great addition to my wardrobe.

winnie-the-pooh-cath-kidston-dressI wore mine with some vintage red and yellow jewellery and my favourite yellow Miss L Fire shoes, to bring out the colours in the polka dot balloons. I’m looking forward to trying it out with different accessories and making it work for the winter.

I am really looking forward to the next Disney Collaboration from Cath Kidston. Here’s hoping I’ll get lucky and get my hands on the next dress from the range!

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A Perfect Autumn Outfit Wishlist

14 Sep

I’ve been thinking a lot about Autumn lately. Although I’m definitely a summer person, I can’t help but love the gorgeous colours the trees go, just before all the leaves fall and the weather gets too wet and miserable. I love shades like green, mustard and deep red and todays wishlist takes inspiration from all those gorgeous autumnal colours.

When the leaves start to fall  Autumn Outfit Ideas  Vintage FrillsI absolutely love the classic mustard coloured dress from La Vie En Swing. It’s such a gorgeous colour and a very classic 1940s style. It’s also a really versatile dress which could be worn with lots of different accessories to change up your look. I’ve paired it with a fun Cath Kidston cardigan with cute little squirrels to pay homage to the changing seasons. The brown accessories are also perfect wardrobe staples. I’m a bit of a fan of over the knee socks at the moment so expect to see a lot of these featuring in my posts over the next few months!

Autumn Outfit

Where to buy this look:

Mia 1940s Style Dress – 99.00€ – La Vie En Swing

Red Check Fringed Scarf – £16 – Miss Selfridge 

Squirrel Pocket Cardigan – £85 – Cath Kidston

Camel Boyfriend Coat – £29.99 – New Look

Brown Over Knee Socks – 56p – Amazon

Brown Satchel Bag – £32 – Accessorize

Little Lockhart Brooch – $34.95 – Erstwilder

Slouchy Hat – £10 – Miss Selfridge

Shipley Shoes – £79 – Hotter

What do you think of my choices? What are you most looking forward to wearing this autumn?

Singing in the Rain – Vintage Style for Rainy Days

28 Aug

Singing in the rain  Vintage Frills

Personally I think there is nothing worse than rain in August. What is up with the weather this year? I don’t mind the odd summer shower where huge drops of rain fall from the sky onto the warm ground and dry as quickly as they fell as the sun comes out again. But the weather we’ve been having here in London is just depressing! On the plus side it did get me thinking about vintage style for Autumn. I’m not great at dressing vintage in the winter, most of my wardrobe consists of pretty floral dresses which work so much better for spring and summer.

The look I’ve created today is perfect for rainy days and long walks. A mix of modern and vintage style which makes me think of country walks with a little hint of the 1940s. I adore the tweed coat which I spotted at the Cath Kidston press day earlier this year. I can see it going with absolutely everything. The Radley handbag may not be typically vintage, but I thought it was so adorable that it’s now top of my wishlist! I absolutely love the dress which I think would see you through the whole year, and as for Hunter wellies they are one of my favourite things. I wore some with a vintage dress and cable knit cardigan in this post last year.

Create the look:

Singing in the Rain  Vintage Frills

1. Tweed Printed Lining Coat – £130 – Cath Kidston

2. Bloomsbury Bouquet Wool Shawl – £48 – Cath Kidston

3. Twisted Knit Cardigan – £75 – Cath Kidston

4. Yellow Ditsy Floral Tea Dress – £29.99 – Lindy Bop

5. Archive Print Umbrella – £19 – John Lewis

6. Exhibition Road Leather Grab Bag – £229 – Radley at John Lewis

7. Umbrella Necklace – £25 – Not on the High Street

8. Baby Blue Wellies – £95 – Hunter at John Lewis

9. Knee High Cable Socks – £7 – Monsoon

Cath Kidston AW15 Preview

25 Jun

Last year I went to my first Cath Kidston press day. I was absolutely blown away by all the lovely fashion and home items in the SS15 collection as well as the lovely way everything was displayed You can see my favourite items from the currant collection here. A couple of weeks ago I popped along to the AW15 press preview and was instantly transported to Christmas time. The press day was kitted out with its very own grotto and santa had turned up in style wearing an amazing Cath Kidston floral print suit.

Cath Kidston AW15 Press Day - ChristmasThere were so many lovely christmas decorations and gifts on display and I’m already excited to start decking the tree and putting up our stockings.
The fashion offerings were some of my favourites yet from Cath Kidston. When I worked there over a decade ago they were just starting out with their gorgeous clothing collections and as each year passes the collections seen to grow and become more fashion focussed. For vintage loving girls there are plenty of lovely dresses which manage to be both modern and nostalgic at the same time.

Cath Kidston AW15 Press Day - Floral Dresses

Cath Kidston AW15 Press Day - Rose Print Top
I am completely in love with these gorgeous rose prints. There are not only dresses but also little twinsets featuring skirts and crop tops.

Cath Kidston AW15 Press Day - Horse Print Dress
If you like novelty prints, then this horse print might be up your street. There is also an amazing penguin dress for winter and a navy dress in the classic cowboy print which I think will look really good with my wallpaper!

Cath Kidston AW15 Press Day - Embroidered Grey SweaterI have my eye on this gorgeous embroidered sweater which I would wear with a pair of vintage trousers or tucked in to a circle skirt.

Cath Kidston AW15 Press Day Tweed Coat
For cold winter days, this tweed coat would be absolutely perfect and it will go with everything!

Cath Kidston AW15 Press Day - Blue Fur Collar

Cath Kidston AW15 Press Day - Fur Collar and Floral PurseOne of my favourite pieces were these lovely fur collars which would look perfect over a dress or jumper and keep your neck warm all through winter. The colours are also gorgeous.

Cath Kidston AW15 Press Day - Shawls

Cath Kidston AW15 Press Day - Squirrel and ScarfAnother warm addition would be one of these pretty scarves. I had one of these last season and they are big enough to be worn as a wrap or a shawl and they are so soft. I wore mine nearly every day and loved it.

Cath Kidston AW15 Press Day - Wooly Hat
I also really liked this little hat, which is so pretty and traditional and would be perfect for keeping my hair smooth in the cold damp weather.

Cath Kidston AW15 Press Day - Retro Striped Pyjamas
For the cold nights I love these pyjamas, they are inspired by classic vintage bedsheets. I’m sure most people are familiar with these classic candy stripes which still seem to be everywhere. I can remember my mum and dad having old sheets in this print when I was little.

Cath Kidston AW15 Press Day - Blue Floral SlippersThere were lots of lovely slipper designs and these cosy floral ones were my favourites.

Cath Kidston AW15 Press Day - Floral High Tops
I absolutely love Converse shoes, but my feet don’t! They are way too narrow for me. I find the Cath Kidston alternatives fit me so much better and these floral high tops would be perfect for casual days or to dress down a pretty dress. I’d go all out and wear them with brightly coloured tights.

Cath Kidston AW15 Press Day - Floral Bag and Scarf

Cath Kidston AW15 Press Day - Watch
As usual there are so many lovely handbags in all the prints. They come in lots of different shapes and sizes and for any other busy bloggers out there, some of them are big enough to fit a lap-top and camera in. Hooray! I also have my eye on the pretty floral watch. So cute.

Cath Kidston AW15 Press Day - Kids Knitted Cardigan
Being a mum of two girls, I’m always on the lookout for nice things for them too. I love these adorable cardigans which would look so cute with little vintage dresses and look very hand knitted.

Cath Kidston AW15 Press Day - Kids Penguin T-Shirt
There are lots of cute soft t-shirts in a great selection of prints. The pretty penguin top is perfect for winter.

Cath Kidston AW15 Press Day - Kids Spotty High Tops
I love these spotty shoes and really want to get matching ones for both my girls.

Cath Kidston AW15 Press Day - Girls Dresses

Cath Kidston AW15 Press Day - Kids Backpacks
Cath Kidston backpacks are great for school and last forever, I usually end up using them for my instead though!

Cath Kidston AW15 Press Day - Kids Section Plates
The robot print is absolutely fantastic and would definitely be perfect for both boys and girls.

Cath Kidston AW15 Press Day - Clock
There are loads of great new home pieces, I think you can get pretty much anything in a Cath Kidston print now! The clock is lovely.

Cath Kidston AW15 Press Day - Dachshund Teapot
I always love the doggy designs and this little dachshund teapot is absolutely adorable.

Cath Kidston AW15 Press Day - London TeapotBeing a little obsessed with all things London and a total tea addict I instantly placed this tea set top of my wish list. I even sent Rob a picture of it from the press day. I absolutely love it!

Cath Kidston AW15 Press Day - Floral Printed Glass

Cath Kidston AW15 Press Day - Leaf Shaped Plates

Cath Kidston AW15 Press Day - Woodland Squirrel Print Glass
This autumnal tableware is really cute and I absolutely love the red squirrel print. The leaf shaped plates would look perfect alongside vintage china.

What are your favourite bits from the collection? I personally want everything!

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