I’ve been very excited to put together a huge yellow Wishlist for Spring and Summer. As I mentioned in my recent Dolly and Dotty review, I am obsessed with yellow at the moment. I’ve been doing a yellow theme on my Instagram for a few months now. This obsession is definitely spilling into my wardrobe at the moment. And while I’m enjoying putting outfits together with the yellow things I already have, I do have my eye on a few new bits too. I shared my green Wishlist a couple of weeks ago and now it’s time for a very long yellow Wishlist!

Row One

  1. Every year I stock up on lots of crop tops, they are perfect for wearing with all my pretty skirts. I don’t like showing any tummy, but I find most sit just on the waistband of my skirts. I love this Bardot crop top from New Look. It’s so fun and classic.
  2. As usual everything in Collectif this season is awesome. This crop top and matching shorts really caught my eye. Perfect for holidays. xx
  3. These yellow floral shoes from Marks and Spencer would look so cute with the set above. I love the idea of dressing up simple outfits with such pretty shoes.
  4. This spotty wrap top from New Look is another one that would be great wear with skirts and jeans and is a totally gorgeous wardrobe staple.
  5. As you know I can’r resist a bit of Cath Kidston and since they don’t have any yellow dresses at the moment this yellow floral book bag is the next best thing. I love the book bags as they’r perfect for carrying my work around or for taking the girls books to and from the library.

Row Two

  1. I’ve had my eye on this lovely floral dress from Joanie clothing forever. The gorgeous floral print reminds me of the Queens yellow Horrockses dress from 1954 (pictures here)
  2. This ribbed button front vest from New look really appeals to me. With it’s big buttons I think it would look amazing with a full 50s skirt for a very vintage summer holiday look.
  3. This yellow dress from Marks and Spencer would be a great everyday summer dress. The dress in the link is slightly different (and nicer) than the one in the pic.
  4. I want this yellow lace dress from Joanie clothing for summer evenings, it’s so lovely!

Row Three

  1. I love the idea of wearing this gorgeous crochet bralet  from New Look in the summer with a gorgeous skirt like the yellow midi skirt from Marks and Spencer.
  2. The yellow circle bag would go with just about everything and straw bags seam to be everywhere this season. I love small bags like this, just enough room for a few essentials.
  3. I keep spotting these yellow shoes from Marks and Spencer and thinking how useful they’d be over the summer. Their clock colours accessories are amazing at the moment.
  4. I couldn’t resist adding this lace tassel crop top for a more boho summer look. This one is also from New Look, who seem to have loads of amazing tops at the moment.

Row One

  1.  I absolutely love Primark, for filling gaps in my wardrobe. I’ll often mix and match Primark pieces into outfits with original; vintage pieces or other high street items. This season I’m particularly loving all their summer tips and accessories. I’ll be searching my local store for this striped top, floral camisole, sunglasses (how awesome are these!).
  2. The the perfect summer smart out fit I love this yellow jacket and shorts co-ord set from Miss Selfridge. The two pieces are sold separately, so if you’re different sizes on top and bottom, then this would be ideal. I also love the very vintage styling of the side buttons on the shorts. These could be worn on their own with a vintage top for a 40s look.
  3. These Primark sandals are just £10 and would be perfect for adding a little yellow to summer outfits.

Row Two

  1. Probably the most me thing on this list is this lace sundress from Joanie Clothing. It’s the sort of thing I wear all summer and I absolutely love it.
  2. Other useful bits for building up a bit of yellow in your wardrobe are this cross body bag and crop tops Primark. I have the second top already and I love wearing under my dungarees for a casual look.
  3. also from Joanie clothing is this lovely embroidered midi dress, such a beautiful shade of yellow and a very versatile style, to carry you through all seasons.

Row Three

  1. The weather may be delightful right now, but the British summer cannot be relied upon! I always stock up some light knitwear for summer evenings and unseasonable cold spells. Two of my favourites include the aloha sweater and this gorgeous open weave cardigan, both from Joanie Clothing.
  2. My favourite new dress for the season so far is this gorgeous yellow floral cape dress from Simply Be. I love the light fabric and the little cape detail is just adorable. You can seeing me wearing it in yesterdays blog post.
  3. These block heeled shoes are from Primark and at £12, I’m going to find them hard to resist!
  4. I like to have lots of crop tops in my collection to mix and match with my high waisted skirts, this knot front top from Primark is another must-have. Lets hope I can find one!

I hope you enjoyed my yellow wishlist, what are your favourite pieces? have you seen any nice yellow stuff that you think I’d enjoy? Send me links!

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The weather over the last few days has been absolutely glorious. Sometimes I hate the unpredictable British weather, other times I love the way it goes from one extreme to another. No wonder we never stop talking about the weather. I made the most of the lovely days, by wearing lots of pretty dresses. One of those was this new addition to my wardrobe from Fashion World, which I was recently sent to try. They stock a huge quantity of brands and this particular one is by Simply Be.

This pretty yellow dress comes in the most gorgeous yellow floral print, perfect for this time of year and also perfect for my yellow Instagram theme! I love the vintage feel of the cape detail and neckline, but also quite like the more modern shorter length on this one.

I got the dress in a size 14 and like most dresses I’ve had from Simply Be the sizing was pretty good. The dress comes in sizes 12 – 32, and I definitely think it’s one of those magic dresses that looks good on all shapes and sizes. I also love that the cape details skims over my upper arms, which is so flattering.

I wore the dress with some sandals and a bag which are also from Fashion World. The espadrille style sandals are by Simply Be and I absolutely love them. I have quite wide feet and these are just so comfortable and easy to wear. I’ve pretty much not taken them off at all for the last couple of weeks, as they go with everything.

There were so many different bags on the Fashion World website, but this embroidered saddle bag really caught my eye. I love a cross the body style and the colours in the embroidery go really well with the dress. This is another item that’s going to be really versatile over the summer and will do with so many of my outfits.

I love this outfit, as it’s so simple and easy to throw together, but still looks really lovely. This is why I love the summer so much, all my outfits consist of a dress, sandals and a bag and then I just add jewellery or other accessories if I need to.

Lets hope there is plenty more lovely weather, so I can wear more of my dresses. Which is your favourite season for fashion?

For more pretty dresses, take a look at the Outfits section on the blog. I also share lots of my everyday outfits over on my Instagram.

*This outfit was sent to me for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own. 

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There needs to be a word for the emotion you feel, when you walk into Cath Kidston and spot yet another dress you just can’t live without! This happens to me way more often than it should! I have a weakness for dresses anyway. They are a hobby and an obsession, as well as just being things to wear. My dresses are a collection and the number of Cath Kidston ones I own is always growing. The latest addition is the truly gorgeous Park View dress.

I first spotted this dress in the Covent Garden store, it was love at first sight. Unfortunately I couldn’t afford it at the time, but I didn’t forget about it! The dress features some of my favourite places in London, it makes me feel happy and nostalgic. The print is just beautiful. It features sketches of iconic views in the city including St Pauls and Kew Gardens. Along with lovely floral details. The colours are so lovely and bright. I also love the shape of this dress, the V neck is super flattering and the cap leaves are very comfortable.

A couple of weeks ago I spotted the dress in the sale and just had to make it mine. I am so glad I did, as I’ll be enjoying this for years and every time I see it, it puts big smile on my face. I wore it recently for a trip to Ham House, one of my favourite places. I think the beautiful dress and beautiful location worked wonderfully together.

I teamed the dress with my favourite denim jacket. This came from peacocks last year, at the moment I’m wearing it with everything. A denim jacket is perfect for this time of year when the weather isn’t quite warm enough to go without. I also like how a denim jacket makes a pretty dress look a little more casual. Perfect for a chilled out look when I’m out doing stuff with the kids. I added a rather dressy vintage necklace, because I think it goes well with the dress and it’s one of my favourite pieces of jewellery. I also wore my Clarks brogues, which I’m really loving at the moment.

I have a pin on my jacket, to pay homage to my all time favourite Disney film and character. The Beast! I absolutely love him and was so happy when I spotted this pin in Primark recently. It’s part of a set of Beauty and the Beast pins and my lovely mum bought them for me.

I usually don’t spend a lot on clothes, I love finding bargains and wearing vintage pieces, so Cath Kidston dresses are top of my budget, but worth every penny. They last forever, wash well and most of all they are beautiful. The print on this one, is up there with my all time favourite Cath Kidston prints. I wish they had done a few more things in this print as it is absolutely stunning and my favourite London print from CK so far.

The Park View dress is currently reduced from £75 to £55 and is available on the Cath Kidston website

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Earlier this week I visited The National Gallery in London to attend the press view of their new landmark exhibition Monet and Architecture. This incredible exhibition, brings together an amazing selection of works by one of the worlds most iconic artists and I felt hugely lucky to be one of the first people to see it. The Monet and Architecture exhibition takes us on a journey through Claude Monet’s career and shows how his style developed as he grew older, reaching a final crescendo with his beautiful paintings of Venice. All the paintings feature buildings and many differ considerably to the garden scenes that are so familiar to us.

Claude Monet, The Doge’s Palace (Le Palais ducal), 1908, © Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York

Of course I brought along Matthew my resident art historian (and brother) to help me write about the exhibition. I asked Matthew to write a review of the exhibition and this is what he thought:

For an art historian, Monet is one of those artists that you think you know, and then he always surprises you. His name and his art are world famous. Most people will know he painted beautiful landscapes, that he helped create the Impressionist style – and that he loved water lilies! This exhibition aims to give a new perspective on his art and show that painting buildings, from cottages to cathedrals, was an important part of his work. More than that, it reminded me that Monet truly deserves his great reputation, as I lost myself in the beautiful paintings on display.

Claude Monet, The Quai du Louvre (Le Quai du Louvre), 1867, © Collection Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

This exhibition is a fantastic opportunity to see paintings you’d normally collect a lot of air miles jetting around the world to see. The paintings have come from everywhere from Los Angeles to Moscow. In fact, more than a quarter of the paintings come from private collections, so unless you know some very rich people, this could be your only chance to ever see them.

Claude Monet,  The Beach at Trouville (La Plage à Trouville), 1870, © Allen Phillips\Wadsworth Atheneum

As the curators have decided to hang the paintings chronologically, visitors follow Monet through his career, starting in the 1860s when the he was an ambitious artist in his 20s, experimenting with a radical new painting style. Based on working outside, and quickly capturing the scene in front of you with bold brushstrokes, Impressionism was a bold and innovative protest against conventional 19th Century art. Walking through the exhibition you can see Monet learn and develop as an artist: his colours become bolder, his brushstrokes more exciting. Look closely at the paintings and you can see his creativity at work as he conjures scenes from thousands of lively strokes of colour. Then stand back, and you realise he has perfectly captured the atmosphere of a scene of a beach, or a busy Parisian street, or a house perched on a cliff-top.

Claude Monet, The Saint-Lazare Railway Station (La Gare Saint-Lazare), 1877 © The National Gallery, London

Monet lived at a time of huge change. Great cities like London and Paris grew into vast industrial metropolises, and Monet captures this. His scene of The Gare St-Lazare in the National Gallery’s own collection, shows Monet engaging with the steel, glass and steam of a great railway station. The railways allowed people to travel further and faster than ever before, and the range of locations of paintings in the exhibition shows this. As a Londoner I love seeing Monet’s views of my home city. He lived there from 1870-71 escaping the Franco-Prussian war in France. He returned to London again several times between 1899 and 1904. By this second visit he was a rich and famous artist, and painted the Thames from his balcony at the Savoy Hotel. Monet was fascinated by the effect of the sunlight through the smoggy air of the city, and captured the bold reds of sunrises and sunsets through the fog.

Claude Monet Houses of Parliament, Sunset (Le Parlement, coucher de soleil), 1900-1 © Kunsthaus Zürich.

The exhibition feels like going on holiday with Monet, and seeing the landmarks of the destinations through his eyes. The final room takes us to Venice, where Monet stayed in 1908. Here he presents his unique view of a city famous for its architecture, its light and its reflections. In his paintings of the Grand Canal, he shows the great domed church of The Salute. However, he changes the architecture, ignoring parts of the building to the dome more simple, as it dissolves into the brilliant shimmering light. By now in his late 60s, he was a complete master of his art, and the paintings capture his personal vision of a city already famous as a tourist destination.

Claude Monet, The Grand Canal (Le Grand Canal), 1908, Nahmad Collection, Monaco © Photo courtesy of the owner

When Monet’s Venice paintings were displayed together in 1912 at the Galerie Bernheim-Jeune, visitors were reminded that no one would ever have a chance to see them assembled together again before they were sold to collectors. Monet painted the same scene over and over, changing his canvases to capture the changes in the light as the time and weather changed. The National Gallery’s curators have got as close as they can to reuniting several of his series of paintings, so that we can see the views changing just as Monet did.

Claude Monet, San Giorgio Maggiore (Saint-Georges Majeur), 1908, © Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales

The curators show that considering Monet’s painting of architecture will change the way art historians see his career. However, it is his own constant inventiveness, skill, and the pure pleasure you feel looking at his paintings, that show that just when you think you’ve worked Monet out, he can delight you in ways you never expected.

This exhibition should be very popular, so make sure you book your ticket soon.

In homage to the beautiful art, I wore my Lindy bop Venice Skirt. I might start making a habit of dressing on theme when I go to exhibitions!

I am not an art expert, but I am an art enthusiast so from my point of view I absolutely loved the selection of paintings. I really felt like I learnt a lot from the works themselves as well as the interpretation. We were lucky enough to be shown around by the curators, but there is also an audio guide available, which I would definitely recommend to make the most out of the experience.

Monet is an artist we are all familiar with, but the exhibition made me see his work in a new light and I  thoroughly  appreciated it. It just felt like such a treat to be able to see more than 75 paintings. The cost of a ticket for Monet and Architecture is around £20, which feels like a lot. But having spent a good few hours immersing myself in the beautiful art, I feel this is worth it.

The Monet and Architecture exhibition runs from 9th April until 28th July 2018

You can buy tickets for the Monet and Architecture exhibition on the National Gallery website

Thank you to Matthew Storey for contributing to this post. Matthew is a curator and art historian with a specialism in historic art and decorative art. 

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It’s been absolutely ages since I shared a Wishlist on here. But since Spring seems to finally be here and summer is just around the corner, I’m feeling a bit more inspired. I think I’ve ended up doing a green list almost every year since I started blogging. despite my recent obsession with yellow, green is still my favourite colour. I’ve seen a lot of green things that I like already and here are a few highlights…

  1. I love the 1940s feel of this pretty green dress from Phase Eight at House of Fraser. Both the colour and print are so beautiful. I would style this with a pair of seamed stocking and some 40s style sandals for summer events. Its very fresh and pretty and could be dressed up or down. It is the most expensive pice on the list, but I think it would be a great wardrobe investment.
  2. Everyone needs a few good t shirts in their wardrobe, especially during the summer months. This green ribbed t shirt from New Look is similar to quite few that I have and wear a lot. They are perfect for pairing with both skirts and jeans or even under a pair of retro dungarees.
  3. For the ultimate glamorous summer look the Dolores Tropical Bird Jumpsuit, is absolutely gorgeous!I wish I suited jumpsuits as this would make its way straight to my wardrobe!
  4. If you prefer a slightly shorter length, this chiffon dress from New Look is a great choice for summer. It also comes in a maternity version, if you have a little one on the way.
  5. I am completely in love with this beautiful green gingham dress from Joanie Clothing. I’m a big fan of their clothes already and you just can’t go wrong with gingham in the summer. I think this would get a lot of wear and fingers crossed I end up owning this one very soon! This one is currently in the sale, although all the sizes are still available. So snap it pop while you can.
  6. I have spotted quite a few shoes that I want in the new collection from Lulu Hun, which are available on the Collectif website. I had already spotted these gorgeous green shoes at London Edge was eagerly anticipating their arrival online. At only £41 they’re a pretty good price too.
  7. The Ada floral sweater from Joanie Clothing is the perfect spring separate. This would look amazing with a pencil skirt for a smarter look or with a pair of capris for a casual 50s inspired outfit.
  8. Also from Joanie clothing is the super fun June Green Frill Embroidered Blouse. I’d wear this with jeans in Spring and a cute pair of shorts in the summer.
  9. Talkling of shorts, I’m loving these pretty floral high waisted shorts from Joanie. I love this style of shorts in the summer, which I wear with simple t shirts or white gypsy tops for a classic relaxed summer outfit. These are currently only £11.20 in the sale.
  10. I haven’t been that inspired by Lindy Bop recently, but I do think this pretty green polka dot dress is very wearable and would make another useful wardrobe staple. This could also be worn all year round.
  11. I absolutely adore broderie Anglaise and have had many white dresses over the years. But it lovely to see a green dress in broderie and I really want this one. This green broderie Anglaise dress is from Yumi at House of Fraser. I have visions of wearing this on warm summer days with a pair of sandals and a big straw hat. So lovely!
  12. Lastly a very cute sausage dog skirt from Cath Kidston. This is just so cute and I love the colour. This is another one that I would dress down for casual summer days.

Which is your favourite piece? Have you seen anything green that you’ve got your eye on at the moment?

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